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DJ Harvey - Essential Mix (1998)

Stop Bill C-10


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Are you DJ Harvey? This thread is reserved for DJ's trying to post their stuff.

If you want to post other peoples sets there's a thread in the main forum for this..


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Is it, Sally? I guess that’s why this is called the “DJ Mix” forum and has a thread entitled “Request a Set” pinned at the top.
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ok newbie. In the old days Alex would ban your ass if it wasn't:

- Your Set or a Friends
- Tracklisting required

No one cares anymore, so we get your shit posted here which should be in the main forum and, keep this thread occupied with tribe DJ's.

It's diluting the up and comers, and the sets. When you keep posting DJ sets which should be posted in the main forum.


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so here we have Sally telling us the do's and dont's on posting . Okay Sally, how about you not inundating every other thread with your bullshit 80's videos.

Bernnie Federko

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  1. D-Train - Keep On [Prelude]

  2. Billy Cobham - Storm [Atlantic]

  3. Vangelis - Let It Happen [Virtigo]

  4. Last Poets - Mean Machine [Douglas 7]

  5. Instant Funk - Got My Mind Made Up [Salsoul]

  6. Herb Alpert - Red Hot [A & M]

  7. Cookhouse - Recipe 002 [Cookhouse]
  8. Wamdu Proj - King Of My Castle [Eruption]
  9. Pleasure - Joyus [Pleasure]
  10. Those Norwgians - Can You Dig It
  11. Vampire Sound Inc - Lions & The Cucumber [Warners]

  12. Azymuth - Dear Limertz [Milestone]
  13. Don Blackman - Hearts Desire [Arista]

  14. Artist Unknown - Love & Happiness
  15. Chayanne - Waited To Long [Syncopate]
  16. Beat Box - Art Of Noise [ZTT]
  17. Harvey & UFO - Pioaresque Eye [Browns Wood]
  18. Brooklyn Dreams - Street Man [Millenium]
  19. Stevie Wonder - Lovelight In Light [Motown]
  20. Micheal Wilson - Groove Your Body [Prelude]
  21. TOT - George Porgy [Columbia]
  22. Eddie Russ - Zabis [Impact]
  23. Steely Dan - Do It Again [MCA]

  24. The Trolley Dollies - Space Cake [Sunday Best]
  25. Santana - Free As The Morning Sun [CBS]


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wonderful you scanned the link and wrote down every track, 10 minutes of your life you won't get back. i saw the track list too.

Why bother unless this is really DJ Harvey?
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you asked for the track listing, and then once provided, got your jabs in, once again.
Seek Help, James.
fucking baby.