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DJ Gryphon - Triple 555 Funk - House

dj gryphon

TRIBE Promoter
hey wasssup kids!!!

Just finshed mixing a little something for your weekend hangover.
Remember to leave a tip on your way out..

Triple 555 Funk Special.

click here to listen

1 - alexander east | jets 4 me rmx | planet east
2 - the gift | mamma's home cooking
3 - mario fabriani | the italian stallion ep | nightshift
4 - fred everything & jay tripwire | smooth | nightshift
5 - oliver desmet & chris lum | murdered | white
6 - kokee & korin | so fine | igloo
7 - scott pace & paul paredes | where we at | mouthful
8 - junia ovadose | hubba hubba v2 | greenhouse
9 - brett johnson | my casio | icon
10 - blackkat | back fo mo | detour
11 - rob mello | in da bush | classic

Hope you enjoy!!


TRIBE Member
GRRRRRryphon makes the hottest sets!!!!

Which remix is the MYCASIO cuz IT doesnt sound like the version I have!



TRIBE Promoter
Another dooooooope mix.

I like it when you put out lots of mixes! My ipod does too!

SO DON"T STOP WITH DA NEW MUSIC! *shakes fist agressively* :mad: :p


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GRYPHON get online!
I got a mix for ya with the 'my casio'.. the real version I dig the LCG ONE TOO!



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Gryphon..... I have been rocking all your mixes the last little while

Your bring the beats from Toronto...... thanks :cool:

dj gryphon

TRIBE Promoter

just wanted to say thanks to everyone for the props on the mix.
look out for triple 5 funk p3....coming soon!!!


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BTW part 2 is fucking dope. The first 30 min is pure ass shaking bumpin house. Really diggin some of those crazy basslines.