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DJ Ghaleon - Summer Sess'ion - oldschool jungle, chill summer vibes 93-95


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Summer is finally here, and I believe I have created the soundtrack for it

The tunes included in this mix were carefully selected to fit an uplifting, atmospheric, reggae vibe. Emphasis was placed on smooth transitions and track progression. Lots of rarities, yet there are more than a few well known samples. Its a fun mix with lots of sing alongs. Mixed on 2 tech 12's, all vinyl, all original plates.

Thanks for listening!! If there's enough interest, I will put up a 320k version of the mix. The download option on soundcloud is only 192k

Summer Sess'ion


Eternally - Point Blank

Sunny Smiles...(people) - DJ Dextrous

Good Day -Stormin Norman

Jungle Natty - Curly Greylox

Rebel without Applause - Tax Dodgers

Sky (V.I.P Mix) -Just Jungle

Zigzawya - The Dubster

Haul and Pull - The Brock-out-crew

Zero Zero EP - DJ Dub Rush

Art of Control - Berty B & Dillinja

Summertime (Remix) - TDK

Send Me - Mental & Dangerous

It's Over - DJ Power

Soundboy - DJ Gunshot

Morning Time Selection - DJ SS

Tear It Up - DJ Zinc & Swift

Wheel & Come Again - De Underground

Hornz - DJ Dextrous * Rudeboy Keith

Don't Boast (Try To Be Humble) - Terry Tee

Move Ya Body (Remix) - Below Zero

Tell me (Why Mix) - Timmi Magic & PSG

Who Kan Draw - Tom & Jerry

Heaven - City Connection

Strength - DMS & The Boneman X

River Niger - Gappa G & Hypa Hyper
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