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DJ Ghaleon - Return to the Vaults - 93-95 Jungle


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Strictly underground vibes. All original plates, all vinyl. Jungle for the conniseurs, who care about the way their jungle is mixed just as much as the selection. Be prepared for a drum workout :)

Huge thanks to all the followers and supporters, you are the awesome people I make these mixes for!! Please share and comment :)

Return to the Vaults :

Ragu And Stalker ‎– Love Comes 'N' Go's (intro)
DJ Steve-B + Zinc ‎– Ripple
Mad Cobra - RIP
Point Blank ‎– The Style
Alpha & J.C. ‎– I Want To Get Down
Lenny D Ice And ET - Kung Fu
Odd Man Out - Musical Dis
Tarzan ‎– Informer
DJ Bass ‎– Take A Lick
Harmony & Xtreme ‎– Wicked & Bad
Missing ‎– A Stitch In Time
DJ Flashback ‎– Gun
Run Tings & Liftin' Spirits ‎– Come Easy
Lennie D Ice ‎– Well Terrible
Prizna ‎– Natural High
DJ Power - Easy Step
Jungle Bro's - Stamina (tease)
Mr. Realistic - Crying
Asend & Ultravibe ‎– What Kind Of World (PA Mix)
DJ Demo & Harlequin ‎– Serious Soundz
Unknown Artist ‎– Never Felt
Space Cube - Inbound
Jungle Warrior ‎– No Surrender
Positive Mental Attitude - Ruff 'n' Tuff
Mafia ‎– Blackhand Vol. 1
Asher D & DJ Torch - Jungle Skank (bassline generation mix)
MC Duke - Dancehall Clash
Greenwood - Summer Madness
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