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DJ Ghaleon- JUNGLE LOVE - oldschool jungle love songs


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My promo mix for the upcoming oldschool jungle jam, Feb 17th at The Annex Wreckroom - JUNGLE LOVE



Ragga, intelligent, and Jungle hardcore from 93-95 are all selected and mixed with TLC. Following the theme of the party, every song mentions LOVE in some capacity :) Its a fun mix with lots of sing alongs. THIS IS BABY MAKING JUNGLE!!! Mixed on 2 tech 12's, all vinyl, all original plates.

Massive respect to Frankie Gunns, Sniper, Marcus, Lush, Rick Toxic, C64, and Prime, all who will be joining me for JUNGLE LOVE. Thanks to everyone who continues to support !!


Dok, The ‎– Your Love
Naughty Naughty ‎– Volume One
Vibes & Wishdokta ‎– Sweetest Love
Naughty Naughty - Volume Four
Brock-Out Crew ‎– Hard Core Romance
D.J. Dextrous & MC Rude Boy Keith ‎– Horn.E
M-Beat ‎– Just A Little
Ron Tom - Junglist Lover
G Spot (tease)
Out Law Juice ‎– Subnation
New Jack Pimps ‎– Water Jelly
Jay Parkes and Tone-E-G ‎– Untitled
Amazon II - Lovely Feeling
DJ-D - Jungle Love Part 1
DJ Demo & Harlequin - Serious Soundz
Foul Play - Being With You (Foul Play Remix)
City Connection - Losing My Mind (Lovers VIP Mix)
Lionist ‎– Loving You
Lewi & Chopper - Make Love To Me
II Vex Crew ‎– Good Lovin