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Dj G3N3R4L - Freewayent Podcast [Funky Electro Breaks]

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by G3N3R4L, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    Hey All!

    I have just created another mix for the bi-monthly Freeway podcast!

    Here is October's submission... check it out here:

    Dj G3N3R4L - Freewayent.com Podcast [OCT]

    1. Crazy Love (Peo de Pitte 2010 Disco Edit) - Drumattic Twins
    2. Bounce Up - Kyle Watson
    3. Talkin Music (Jackin Box) - Beat Pimps
    4. Buzz Me vs We Here feat. Yolanda (Farace Edit) - Felguk vs The Body Snatchers
    5. Right Back Jack - Jackin Box
    6. Skyscrapers (Digital Villains Remix) - Fabio Bacchini
    7. Only U - Jackin Box
    8. RockIt (Stanton Warriors Edit) - Sub Focus

    192K // 32:00

    You can also subscribe to this podcast on iTunes for more of my regular sets as well as other great podcasts from local artists and Special Guest DJs

    iTunes Subscription << Click Here
  2. G3N3R4L

    G3N3R4L TRIBE Member

    adding the soundcloud link since I can't edit the original post :)


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