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DJ G3N3R4L - Felurian Grove Festival Set (Progressive Electro and Tech)


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This is a main room progressive electro set with a darker tech tip that I played at the Felurian Grove Music Festival in Malawka, BC on May 11th 2013.

Had a lot of fun with this one.. loaded with big builds, big drops, big synths, and big vibes. BIG!

Soundcloud is being a pain so here is the mixcloud link.

DJ G3N3R4L - Felurian Grove Festival '13

01. Plastik Funk - Get Down
02. The Kickstarts, Vogue - Freaks
03. Phunk Investigation - Disko Boost
04. Deorro - Rock The Party (Exodus, Leewise Remix)
05. Max Freegrant - Turn The World
06. Max Freegrant - Freefall
07. Miike Snow - Pretender (Dem Slackers Remix)
08. Hard Rock Sofa, Dirty Shade - Collapsar
09. Johan Geilen, Jan Verloet - Break Ya Down (Dizkodude Remix)
10. Rene Kuppens, Puresang - Moonbird
11. Def Rock - Alpha
12. Musikiller - Obey
13. Nari, Milani, Maurizio Gubellini - Unbelievable (Robbie Rivera, Makj Mix)
14. Phunk Investigation - U Know (Beltek Remix)
15. Chrizz Luvly - Like You
16. Daddy's Groove - Hurricane (Club Mix)
17. Nom De Strip, James Frew - Booby Trap
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