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DJ G3N3R4L - Boss Breaks (DJ SET)


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Decided to whip up a breaks set, it's been a long time since I dabbled in it, been spinning house for so long now.

Breaks have moved out from the NuSkool heavy electro into the much cleaner bass breaks so I am dipping my toes back in. Let me know what you think!

01: You and I (Stanton Warriors Remix) - Mobin Master, Tate Strauss, Fantoman
02: Casanova - Murix
03: Classic - Yo Speed, Javo Scratch
04: I Can't Believe It - Bubble Couple, Yo Speed
05: Rudeboi (Daggers Remix) - Dirtcaps, Tom Piper
06: Plastic - Shade K
07: Be King Booty - Chevy One, Stanley Knife
08: Big Mac - Yo Speed
09: Crank It - CLB
10: Do U Wanna - DJ Bross
11: Let The Record Work - Neon Steve, Smalltown DJs
12: I Don't Smoke (Vital Techniques Remix) - Deekline
13: Dime Dropper - Huda Hudia, Sweet Charlie
14: House Shake - Torro Torro, Smalltown DJs
15: Can You Feel Dat - Peep This
16: I Believe It - Bubble Couple, Yo Speed
17: Bae Area - Steve Darko, So Metta
18: Thief In The Night - Suga7
19: Bass Shaker - Defkline
20: Bad at Parties - Freerange DJs
21: 8 Track - Wes Smith
22: Make It Clap - Wes Smith, Short Stack
23: Shake It - Dialated Eyez
24: Dominator (Feat Slooom) - The Feels
25: Yes Yes - Plump DJs
26: Like This - Deekline, Specimen A, MC Psg
27: Freak - DJ Bross
28: I'm Tha DJ - Sketti, Kwest
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