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DJ Freedom @Turbo Jan.19

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by ecstasy riot, Jan 20, 2001.

  1. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    HELLLOOOOO??!!!!!! This was incredible.
    Hard fast crazy beats rolling out one after another. She is one crazy lady. This was one of the best hard drum n bass sets I have seen in a very long time. The tracks were wicked, even the MC'ing was up to par. I was dancing like crazy, I couldn't even dance because my legs were getting tired but I couldn't stop. I was lifted up and not wanting to come down, all from the music.

    Dj Freedom has definately lived up to her expectations of being a really talented DJ. The mixing, the tunes, it was all there to keep the crowd going nuts. I haven't seen this much energy in a DJ at Turbo, again, in a while.

    Also, a huge big up to Everfresh for playing "i got the sweetest hangover, i don't wanna get over..." that track is killer, the remix was a bit weird but just hearing those few lines had True Blue Jungle GI and I going nuts.

    Marcus also spun a crazy set that didn't even give me a chance to warm up cos as soon as I walked in "love is not a game" was up! How hype is that. My fave track at the moment.

    Turbo is a crazy crowd with some hype tunes. [​IMG]

  2. Kenxie

    Kenxie TRIBE Member

    Missed her at turbo... but did anyone see her on electric circus???

    that had to be the most bizzare thing i have ever seen! the electric circus crew dancin to jungle!!!!

    HAHA! it was definately interesting...
  3. D-Monic

    D-Monic TRIBE Member

    Were we in the same club?

    My travels through the jungle room:

    I arrive and head downstairs to find the 'king of the cut' Sniper driving the place wild! People screaming, hands in the air... madness!

    I go upstairs to get my drink on, I come back downstairs to witness a mass exodus of the room. Freedom's on the decks. I walk back in to see half the ammount of people then I get 'assaulted' by buckled mix after buckled mix. I had to leave too...

    Now, I've heard her play well... 3-4 years ago. the last couple of time I've heard her have been horrible. This time out was no exception
  4. mcbee

    mcbee TRIBE Member

    i have to agree with d-monic. i had a great time downstairs when Sniper was on, but later when i traveled downstairs, i thought it was lacking. a friend of mine described a scenario from friday. he was dancing right up front, freedom starts laying down a wicked track, my friend is getting into it but then she fucked a mix up so huge that my friend had to stop dancing instantly with a look of confusion on his face. apparently it was so bad he had to leave.

    i got to check out a bit of freedom on saturday nite at The Beach Party. (don't ask, i was working the TRIP booth) wandered downstairs to check her out, thinking maybe friday was an off nite. but no, it was crappy again. lacking intensity and energy, definately and i was treated to some ugly mixes again.

    maybe just an off weekend for this lady?
  5. 2 rude

    2 rude TRIBE Member

    no, not an 'off evening', more like a lifetime off, or a profession off. 3 words of advice: give it up
  6. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    yes i saw her and the people.. it was so funny cos they cannot dance to it at all, our producer wanted to mostly shoot the dj and not the dancers..

    and for the people saying Freedom sucked.. I have no idea but I was loving her set, and going to Turbo pretty much every Friday, this was one of my fave sets in a while.
  7. Jennika

    Jennika TRIBE Member

    I had a great night, enjoyed the music emencely, danced till my legs hurt and drank way too much.

    However, I don't have much of a good ear for the technical side of DJ'ing, and the people I was with (and friends who have heard her before) commented that her skills were lacking.
    I had tones of fun though! Might have been the great company I was with too!
  8. R4V4G3D_SKU11S

    R4V4G3D_SKU11S TRIBE Member

    and for the people saying Freedom sucked.. I have no idea but I was loving her set, and going to Turbo pretty much every Friday, this was one of my fave sets in a while.[/B][/QUOTE]

    I'm with you on this one Meghin - I saw you out there during freedom, and you were busting it up pretty fiercely, and so was I...we didnt have the chance to nitpick her set coz we were was too busy bustin out!...wether or not she was technically perfect, she was dropping wicked tracks, had the room going nuts, and in the end thats what really matters... [​IMG]
  9. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    word kevin! for real that makes me real happy.. i love when my friends are all going crazy... i felt so good dancing, and yes the tracks were making a killing..
  10. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

    i agree. i was having so much fun, i honestly only noticed one or two bad mixes.
  11. d-MiNuS

    d-MiNuS TRIBE Member

    one question:

    did she play the DnB rmx of geanie in a bottle?

  12. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

    i forgot to mention this little exchange i had with someone that night during freedom's set.

    friendly dancing boy: excuse me, do you know what kind of music this is?

    me: um, it's jungle.

    friendly dancing boy: oh, ok, thanks. (continues dancing)

    strange eh?
  13. Intimate Productions

    Intimate Productions TRIBE Member

    Not strange....cool.

    It's all about the new blood.

  14. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

    i think it was strange AND cool.
  15. nleye10d1

    nleye10d1 TRIBE Member

    suits you perfectly J

  16. janiecakes

    janiecakes TRIBE Member

    you talkin to me?

    (i've missed you!)
  17. servant707

    servant707 TRIBE Member

    Love out to Freedom, she is awsome and getting better all the time. True sign of an artist.....

    Big fan

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