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DJ FLEX presents: Dance to my April Showers


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Here's a little something I put together. If you're into some nice Vocal House, Funky and such -- well you may enjoy it--- Please let me know


Danielle Bollinger - Kiss the sky
Juke - Joint Move
Latrice - Illuminate
David Morales FEATURING Lea Lorien - Better that you leave
Asle - Golden Sun
Rent - Take me or leave me
Dajae - Brighter Days
Big World - Me Gusta
Jimmi James - Fashionista
Hi Track - Say Say Say
Bent Fabric - Jukebox
Chanel - My Life

email me - djflex1@aol.com technics1200

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Flex, one of your mix tapes from I dunno 10+ years ago was one of the first I ever bought. Can't remember the name though. Hope to see you tour Asia!