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**DJ Etain - new spring mix "Prozac"


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Hey everyone...

As much as I love working in the studio on original stuff, there is, in my opinion, always room for a good old mix of music that I love playing out regularly. I have therefore put together a delectable mix of House, Progressive House, Tribal House, Techno, Electro House and ended it with a little Breaks. Check it out:

Or listen to the stream on my Myspace page: www.myspace.com/djetain

PROZAC – March 2006. Mixed Live by DJ Etain
Tony Thomas – Freedom – Superfunk EP – Blockhead Recordings
Natural Rhythm – Bumping Downtown EP – Blockhead Recordings
Tom Parris - What is That Sound? - Mystery Machine
Hoxton Whores – Slave
Mastiksoul – Marshall Law – Kitsam
Mastiksoul – Timbali – Kitsam
Mastiksoul – Pedelada – Kitsam
Rutger Hauser – Synthesis – Cubic Digital
Silvano Da Silva – Freak Out – Onephatdeeva
Mischa Daniels – Off My Rocker - Fame
Richard Dinsdale - Bora – SR2 Music
Marinko & Lili – Reform – Shellsplinta Records
Beckster – Smack Snack – Jackmoves
The Dolphins – Base One – Ocean Dark
Slim Yelow – Rezzidues – Yelow Tek Records
Tom Stephan D. Ramirez – Shake It Baby – Slave Recordings
Tony Thomas – Kuzayama DJ – Z Tribe Records


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Nice tracklisting!!!

Just a heads up though you need to post a direct link to an mp3 in this forum.


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YOu need to post a link that points directly to the file. meaning ends in ".mp3" do you have that from mixdepot?
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I'd check with mixdepot because that link doesn't seem to work from here or driectly from the website.


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yup it did end up working just not the first time I tried. haven't listened to it yet though.
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