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Dj equipment for sale

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2 - American Audio or Dj DCD-PRO210. Professional Dual CD Player with 4 different scan speeds, 20 programmable tracks and fader "Q" start. A little scratch at the front, pitch has lost it's cap and bended a little only on the left side. A little bend in the left corner. Although, everything works perfect. You can come and test it. Reason for selling - poor students dont get enough money from fkn OSAP.
Location - Toronto. Price - $200.00 CDN OBO



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just to make it clear since there was some confusion among people. Only the knob from the pitch on the left side is broken off. I still have it, and it needs to be glued back on. Pitch still works fine, although instead of a knob like on the right side, you just have a metal attachment that the knob holds on.
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