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Dj Die @ Turbo - Nov 23

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by air-bag, Nov 24, 2001.

  1. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    I didnt particularily like die's set since it was pretty slow. At first i thought that he was continuously teasing us. Then I noticed that instead of hitting us with some hard base lines and catching beat, he would always end the tease with a present that would not repay our anticipation.
    Each and every tease ended up with an average track that could not make a crowd ,as hyped as it was last nite, dance for more than a coule of minutes. That is, again, in spite of them being soo ready for it thanks for the tease.

    Overall, the set was rather average.

    Lies! Nobody died as they promised to!!

    Does anyone know what was the track that sniper dropped at 01:05am? Now that was amazing.
  2. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    I was like a 14 year-old at a Backstreet Boys concert when he came on for the first hour. I was in DJ Die heaven.

    I still love him and I still LOVE his cds and I still want to take him home and do nasty things to him. BUT!

    ...his set was quite disappointing. I heard some of my favourite tracks but he only let them go a couple of moments before it switched to something repetitive and average. I wanted to hear his trademark shit (he is such an artist when it comes to sculpting his tracks), not a bunch of tune-dropping bristol anthems. I mean, I don't know about you but wasn't the new Roni Size album totally disappointing?

    I mean, I love the Method Man track (SEXIEST track of last year) but it was just another buildup to something more boring. i would've just been happy if Ihe just dropped the entirety of Snapshot instead of teasing us with the beats from it. I ended up being bored but danced anyway since I paid to see him.

    Where was his V stuff? Where was the ol' Reprazent stuff? Some remixes and some vocal shit would've woken me up a bit. Even some breakbeat era stuff would've been wicked (Control Freak was SOOOOOOOO short).

    DJ Die was definitely a tease.
  3. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Does anyone else think he resembles Joey? Not our official TBK drunkie, but the Canadian Euro dance artist? The guy who sings "Angel."
  4. Aphrodite

    Aphrodite TRIBE Member


    he "played it safe' - which got really old after a while. it was nice to hear some new tunes despite their mediocrity.. I went to hear 'Dj Die' because he makes INTERESTING music. I kept hearing hints of some good tracks but they never matured on the decks.. too bad.

    Lush played some really nice tunes.. got me warmed up early in the night.

    I had a great time regardless of the disappointment. Needed to dance to jungle with friends - mission accomplished.

    Dan - touch her ass again and I'll beat you down [​IMG]
  5. Chiclet

    Chiclet TRIBE Promoter

    Although I'm not too into this type of D&B... and I don't know DJ Die's material very well... I think he was very technically sound.

    He was very quick on the decks... great timing, relatively seamless mixing. When he was off (which wasn't by much at ALL), he corrected very quickly.

    IMHO, everything about him put in the same class as half the International DJs out there, not matter the genre -- including crappy track selection, lol.

    DJ Die @ Turbo: technically sound, but his soul still needed to be found.
  6. Chiclet

    Chiclet TRIBE Promoter

    ^^^I talk Engrish very good.


    I hope everyone had fun on Friday, regardless.
  7. tella

    tella TRIBE Member

    one word: flawless.
  8. dj velocity

    dj velocity TRIBE Member

    I thought Die did a fine job. Plenty of Dillinja / V dubs and hints of classics. The man was quite energetic pon the decks and dropped tracks fast and furiously.
    nuff respect for rinsing tings proper
  9. MoFo

    MoFo TRIBE Member

    Didn't you think he left out some really good Dillinja stuff though?
  10. --[Zirca]--

    --[Zirca]-- TRIBE Promoter

    Hmmmmm........well, considering Loxy/Ink's set, last Friday, was one of the worst I've heard, I thought Die did a pretty good job . His mixing was tight, track selection was decent, but I think his energy on the decks compensated for that. I had a good time just dancing my ass off with friends who I hadn't seen in quite some time (I thought you all turned into trance heads on me!). It was also nice to see the old Turbo crowd, not these new junglists thugs I've been complaining about every Jungle event I go too (whoops [​IMG] ). I won't be making it to Strykka next Friday, so for a last night at Turbo (with Syrous) it was a good note to end on. Thanks for all the great nights Turbo.

    p.s. Alex, good to see you. Tella, nice to meet you. Shann...your just going to have to deal with it! [​IMG]
  11. DJ.CODE

    DJ.CODE TRIBE Member

    Were we all in the same place that night?
    I mean... I thought it was the best dj set I have ever heard. I loved the selection of dubbed out rollers for the last hour or so.
    He killed it when it came to the mixin, fast and on point! He rolled out the mix in proper rinse style, and he played all kinds of shit I never heard before, and remixes I have never heard. I could care less that he didn't play old shit that I heard back when or already have.

    Damn fine night, I must say!
    Shouts to all peeps I saw that night...
    vdub, aphro, mofo [​IMG]
  12. Tricky kid

    Tricky kid TRIBE Member

    i haven't been to a Drum and Bass party/club night in T dot since the summer(and early summer at that) and i decided that i would go to DIE because the last time i saw him he killed everybody.
    The mixing was definitely good he built up some tracks large but when they dropped they kinda sucked. overall though i would say that 60% of the tracks he played were sick. (the snapshot remix [​IMG] )

    i was right into snipers set near the end and both him and lush did a great job representing the T dot.

    i enjoyed every dj that played
    the sound system was good (and not too loud)
    people were pretty cool
    and i even was dancing
    overall a sick night

    the 2 points were lost because of expectations. dj die was so much better 2 years ago and the tracks he had then were way sicker also.(the thing about him not playing really sick tracks is that its not dj die's fault that the rest of the people out there are putting out shit tracks)
  13. --[Zirca]--

    --[Zirca]-- TRIBE Promoter

    I think it was more about managing expectations. I, and a lot of the people with me, were expecting a crazy ass set. Agreed his set was very good (money well spent), but I was expecting a little more.

    I didn't care about playing the old stuff either. It's difinitely good to through in some old tracks to get the crowd going, but I'd much rather hear tracks I've never heard before than ones I have at home kick'n around on some cd, vinyl, mp3, etc. Regardless, Die's set was probably the best one I've heard since GrooveRider @ life a couple months back, so it would for sure make my top 5 of the summer.

    Dan-->maybe we're just a little too greedy these days...
  14. --[Zirca]--

    --[Zirca]-- TRIBE Promoter

    ^^^^ errr.... throw

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