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DJ Destro - Keys to the Wiggly Worm - 2017 House mix

Destro Sanchez

TRIBE Member

You know what to expect.
A one-shot mix, no practice, this time on one of those fancy Serato controller thingys (which I rarely use)
My levels aren't super hot on this one, it won't pop your speakers.

Most of the tunes are my faves from 2017, with a couple old ones tossed in because I'm old (hey, it was Martin Luther King's birthday when I recorded...)

Fingers Inc, HNNY (Renault Riddim), Mr Fries, Daphni, The Revenge, Crackazat, CTEPEO57, Glenn Astro, Workshy, Palmstrax, Teflon Dons, Detroit Swindle (roughly in that order)



And for my other mixes:
I have ambient mixes, disco mixes, house mixes, funk mixes, reggae mixes, vintage rap mixes... all shitty!
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