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~DJ DAV -JACKIN' THE BOX~ (Funky House Mix)

Discussion in 'DJ Mixes' started by El Dizzo, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. El Dizzo

    El Dizzo TRIBE Member


    hey all , here's a brand new mix from this week a bit of old a bit of new.., hope ya dig!


    1- Rock Again-Littlemen Tango
    2- Own Thing-Natural Rhythm Lowdown
    3- Busta Dub- Plastic Peanuts Drop
    4- Headrush- Joey Youngman Fetish
    5- Last Night- Troydon Drop
    6- Lets Go Disco-Derrick Carter mix-Digital Dungeon
    7- House-Miles Maeda DotBleep
    8- No Future in Your Frontin- No Assembly Firm- Robsoul
    9- Traffic Jam- Charles Dockins-White
    10- Comin Back Around- Lawnchair Generals mix- Mouthful
    11- Whos Pimpin Who? - Lil Mark- Peaches
    12- Funky and you know it- Jacob London Wildcard
    13- Loud &Clear-Swirl People mix Utensil Promo
    14- House of Funk Matt M1 Dimara- Jinxx
    15- Follow The Bouncing Ball - Brett Johnson- Classic
    16- The Messenger-Andre Harris-Ideal
    17- ? -Joshua-Nightshift Promo

    * Accapella 12 - Fat Albert and the Cosby Gang Creativity


  2. Don C

    Don C TRIBE Member

    Nice dude. Always enjoy your mixes.
  3. El Dizzo

    El Dizzo TRIBE Member

    thanx Don, glad you are feelin' it !
  4. AshG

    AshG Member

    Looks good indeedy - gonna give er a whirl this weekend.

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