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DJ Czech - Bubble Dub

Hey Jay (Fut) if I threw Czech's 1995's Herbal Rhythms your way (the cassette) think you could work your magic on it again, like you did this?

(This is assuming, of course, that Czech wouldn't have a problem with this).


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I think I could probably manage it. I have to find the software again though!

Send me a PM and we'll see how things can work out.

-- Jay aka Fut
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Christ.. you know this room is dead when the top thread is about a 10 (12?) year old MIXTAPE. Sheesh..

Downtempo Room = FAIL.


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Thought I'd follow up on this - didn't see it before. Czech didn't even have a copy of it, so he was appreciative of the fact that I ripped this (and Down Tempo), cleaned it up, and mailed him the MP3s. Since he didn't have it, he couldn't offer a download. No idea if he lost the CD I sent though.

-- Jay aka Fut

Thanks so much for encoding these tapes, recently Czech posted a copy of the downtempo tape on his facebook page, the files are here:


Such a great mixtape!
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Damn!!! Can't tell you how great it is to hear this again after all these years. It is only a movie!!! And that crazy cat track.

Nice clean up job Fut!
anyone got any names for the other tracks on this set???
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