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DJ craze was dropping Cap J tracks on wed. in Van


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hey just refering to what I was reading in the Capital J thread. DJ Craze spun a capital J track from last year 2 nights ago when I saw him In vancouver. it was the one Captial J was droping about this time last year. with some jumbled ragga vocal
anatell ya wat it is.
vocal vtuff
its a champion..
Bass: BOO BOOM BOoM Boom

he spun it near the climax of his set. rewound it
then for his encore dropped it again. it was nuts I hadnt heard that track in almost a year. and I dont think many poeple in the room had heard the track. it was great and got a huge reaction.,
ah memories of back in TO where jungle was alive and well not on life support.

just some info for the masses
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Hey, a little off topic but how's the jungle scene in Vancouver? What are the good nights? Clubs? Record stores?
Any info would be great.


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twiggy...i was just thinking to myself.....didnt dj k make that track....thats right..cause i remeber k saying on xvi how capital j was playing it alot...


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thats what i'm thinking, but i'm waiting to hear a confirmation from ninja . . .

. . . waiting . . .
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