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Dj Craze Video @ Theory


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Click Above Image to check out this video!!! 8 minute video of Craze's amazing skratch routine at theory, brought to you by Earwaks.com. Please forgive the small parts, we had to do it, I only have 2 arms, and I was shooting pics and video at the same time, so i put the video camera down at about 3 points. Big shout to DJ Marmalade on putting the video together, many more to come!


If you haven't seen the photos from theory's event DRIVEN check out full series by clicking here

a small preview:



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MC's should really have a clue AND SHUT THE FUCK UP! iT'S A FUCKING BATTLE SET, NOT A JUNGLE SET. Jesus.
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awesome video, but MCs should not be allowed within 10 feet of the stage during turntablist /beat juggling / dmc-style sets