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dj contracts...


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I'm looking for any djin contracts you use when djing on international soil?

Anyone? Thanks in advance!
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Do you think their contracts would be different from Canadian contracts for Canadian dj's going outside of Canada and/or U.S.?
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Originally posted by Mike Richards
Make sure the VISA is taken care of. You show up at theairport witha box of records and no VISA they'll send you home!!

Wow! you just described me one year ago...and the visa isn't the issue this time...luckily ;)

I just want to compare what was sent to me already...for research/validity purposes...

Thanks everyone!
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AM only dj contract...

Originally posted by DJ KWE
I'm looking for any djin contracts you use when djing on international soil?

Anyone? Thanks in advance!

Sure no problem... here is an AM only style dj contract that Glaude or Bill would use... hey, you may as well know your rights and everything you could possibly ask for , especially when going international. Every last detail needs to be taken care of. I just called it SO and SO bookings, and dj so and so, as the name , you'll see....( way below) .... I have a couple of tips for you, I always like to learn from other people's mistakes, if your not interested in my advice, just skip the next the couple of paragraphs and go straight to the contract below..... good luck.

I am assuming your new to the international dj scene. If your only doing this one off party and it's not a steady thing, I would suggest you try and do it under the table,cash, fuck the work permit.

When your at the airport with your tracks, just say your going to play for a friends birthday and all the records were bought in Canada, even if there not, tell them they are anyways, and it's your private collection or you'll have to pay duty on all the tracks that aren't made in Canada, leave the word promo out of the conversation, don't give off the super star dj vibe.

When you return to Canada and you bought more new tracks abroad, take all the price tags off and again claim them to be your private collection bought in Canada when you reach customs....

trust me, I've been strip searched, every record out of the sleeves, bags dumped everywhere and then asked if i could sit on a glass toilet for 48 hours while they waited to see if i was carrying anything inside of me... luckily i didn't have to go that far...... but it almost went that far and only because i couldn't answer specific answers about what country, which tracks came from and then they thought i had more to hide.

nonetheless, customs hates dj's, so don't be a dj, be a guy or girl with tracks and your going to a friends private birthdays party and you may play some music, or you may not, but your bringing some tracks anyways, just incase.

Personally, I always found traveling with a bicycle to be a sore off the eyes, hiding your record box, most airlines take bikes for like $50 or swapped for one peice of luggage ... you look more sporty than druggy... trust me, even if you don't do drugs, dj's and drugs go hand in hand, especially at airports. The only reason I point this out is because everytime I am without the bike and just the record case I get stopped and everytime I have the bike I don't and I walk right out, nothing to declare?...no, nothing, bye.... for me I play so much in Europe the bike is instant transportation for me so it always works to my advantage....I thought I'd throw that bit of info at ya...

When you do your gig, and you blow it up, and they love you, and they want you back on the regular, then do the whole visa work permit thing, then it makes sense.

Again that depends on how well you know the promoter's, if you take the format contract below, use the guidelines , fill in your own info,get your acting agent to forward it to the promoter(s) and exercise the part

{11. (a) This contract may be modified only by an instrument in writing signed by the parties hereto. Should any portion of this agreement be deemed null and void under the law and ‘or between Agent/Artist and Promoter, the remainder shall remain in full force and effect.}

This will allow you to show them the whole dj contract and what your willing to be deemed null/void to help them out and save them time and money. All the while remembering your generosity and how it could've been.

Then they will be even more willing to have all your monies in cash and waiting for you with a smile. I've done it a hundreds of times.

If they are totally by the book (some are), then stick them with the whole contract, but 9 out of 10 times cash is best for everybody and if they are made to feel like your willing to give and take, so will they.

In the states I have never been confronted while in the club concerning work permits, but i have been approached by under cover police "mid set" in the dj booth while spinning in Europe. This has nothing to do with you, it has to do with the club. If the cops are trying to cause problems for a club in Europe they usually will try anything... again it all depends on how well you know the promoters and how you can persuade them to stick more money in your pocket, especially if this is one time thing.

Once you agree to under the table fee, make sure you point out that if asked?... your playing for free, this way even if your approached by under covers (which you won't) your not doing anything against the law, under the table, is, under the table.

If your a traveling dj with mega air miles and your passport is fully stamped on every page and your headlining every event you play every weekend (which your not)

Then.... don't take my advice, and GET THE WORK PERMIT, but your not there yet... so just go on a paid vacation with your tracks.... hell everyone is allowed on vacation and there is no law against bringing beats with you... know your rights... know there rights, and stay in between, don't tell 'em more than they need to know and if your asked what kind of music , just say retro 80's.

Here is a standard super star DJ contract used by AM only, but as I said before it's good to know what the big boys ask for, because this is how they are taken seriously, so make a modified version and use it to your advantage. Remember this is what serious promoters are used to dealing with, if you feel like your not up to using a dj contract like this then you'll be treated accordingly. I always say aim high, end up somewhere in the middle or better.


SO and SO bookings….

This contract made and entered into this day (day/month/year) by and between ________(Promoter) and (Agent) o/b/o (“Artist”), to wit:

For the good and valuable consideration set forth herein, it is mutually agreed between the parties as follows:

1. VENUE : place
Contact: name
Phone: number
2. DATE(S) OF ENGAGEMENT: (date/month/year)

3. HOURS OF ENGAGEMENT Artist shall perform a set lasting between 120 and 240 minute(s)which shall commence between the hours of 1am and 6am (exact time to be mutually agreed upon by both Agent and Promoter prior to the date of engagement).

4. BILLING: Artist shall receive greater or equal billing with respect to all headlining performers on all material distributed by Promoter to press and public. Artist shall be billed as follows, and in no other way without the prior written consent of Artist or Agent:

DJ SO and SO www.so-and-so.ca


(a) In consideration of Artist’s performance hereunder Promoter shall pay the amount of US $6000 as follows:

(I) A deposit of US $3500 to and in the name of SO and SO bookings. on or before (date/month/year)

(II) The balance to be paid in cash on the night of the show.

(b) In event that the Agent does not receive the deposit provided for in , hereof stipulated date, either Agent or Artist, in their sole discretion, shall have the right to cancel the engagement, without, prejudice to full payment and with no obligation to mitigate. In such instance, Agent may contract with other parties with respect to Artist(s) performance on the Date of Engagement and no reimbursements shall be due for payments previously made by Promoter in connection herewith.

(c) Promoter shall allow up to 10 guests(each with +1) to enter venue free of charge on the Date of Engagement.


(a) Promoter shall pay for and provide non-stop round air transportation for (2) person(s) to and from location TBC. Promoter shall book all flights through . All flights shall be 1 business and 1 coach class.

(b) Promoter shall pay for and provide all round trip ground transportation between airport, hotel and (to and from ) venue

(c) Promoter shall pay for and provide hotel (at least 4 star) accommodations for (2 ) room(s) for (1) night(s) Hotel reservations shall be made at a 5 star property, or a hotel mutually agreed upon by Agent and Promoter.

(d) Promoter shall pay for and provide Artist with ( 1) hot meal on Date of Engagement.

(e) Promoter shall pay and provide for Artist with: **attached rider**


(a) In event that Promoter cancels at least (10) weeks prior to the date of engagement, Promoter shall be relieved of the obligation to make further payment hereunder, but neither Agent nor Artist(s) shall be obligated to refund any monies previously paid.

(b)If, for any reason, Promoter cancels the event within (10) weeks of Date of Engagement (including but not limited to act(s) of god, and /or closures of the venue by and local,state or federal Government agency), Promoter shall remain liable for the full amount of compensation hereunder.

(c) Notice of cancellation shall be deemed received only if delivered in writing to Agent via certified or registered mail ( return receipt requested) or by telefax ( with confirmed transmission report), and the date of Agent’s receipt shall be deemed the date of delivery.

(d) In the event that any act of God prevents Artist(s) from performing on the Date of Engagement, Artist will not be held liable and may , in turn, keep all deposits.

8. WORK PERMITS / TAXES: Promoter , where applicable, shall be responsible for $100 towards work permits (US work permits excluded) to be paid in advance with the initial deposit, and/or any further entertainment taxes in the country in which the artist(s) performances will take place. Promoter shall not offset any expenses or taxes of any type against Compensation.

9. EQUIPMENT : Promoter shall provide Artist with the following equipment, for optimum performance : see attached rider.

(a) Promoter hereby acknowledges that Agent is only responsible for procuring bookings and may not be held liable for any breach of contract by Artist.

(b) Promoter warrants that he shall not record or broadcast the Artist’s performance by use of any audio-only or any visual device without the prior written consent of Agent and /or Artist,

( c ) Promoter warrants that he shall not advertise Artists appearance on the Date Of Engagement prior to full execution of this agreement and payment of the deposit due hereunder.

(d) Promoter agrees that the Artists name or likeness is not to be connected in any way with any form of sponsorship or endorsement of any kind including but not limited to commercial and political without prior written agreement of the Artist’s representation.

(a) This contract may be modified only by an instrument in writing signed by the parties hereto. Should any portion of this agreement be deemed null and void under the law and ‘or between Agent/Artist and Promoter, the remainder shall remain in full force and effect

(b) Promoter agrees to indemnify Artist and Agent for any loss, costs, damage or liabilities due to any claims resulting from breach of this agreement or in connection with the subject matter hereof. The prevailing party of any suit brought in connection with the subject matter hereof shall be entitled to reimbursement of reasonable attorney’s fee’s, court costs and other expenses incurred.

(c) This contract shall be interpreted under laws of the """""" and the """"" courts and judicial system shall have sole jurisdiction over disputes arising hereunder.

12. RIDER: The attached Rider forms an integral part of this agreement and must strictly be adhered to.

I WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have set their names and seals on the day and year as stated below.

Date:_______________By :______________ Date:_______________By:_________________
SO and SO bookings (its: President/Director)

(attached rider)


Technical and Hospitality RIDER

(1) Three (3) Technics SL-P 1200/1210 with suitable Ortofon
Concorde cartridges

a. Unpitched
b. Ortofon Concorde cartridges
c. The turntables CANNOT be on rubber bands
d. Turntables MUST be on a 3 ft high sturdy table (Turntable Top Height
34-38 inches) and must be set at the edge closest to the dj of whatever they
are placed on.
e. Turntables MUST be positioned in standard position so the tone arm and
pitch are located on the right side NOT in battle style!
f. Any skipping of needles due to unsteady table or dj booth set up is unacceptable.

(2) Two (2) High Powered and Loud Monitor-Speakers. In good
working order and without any distortion or feedback.

a. Monitor(s) positioned on the Right side of DJ with Booth
Volume and EQ Control.
b. Keep Monitor as close as possible on the Right side to keep
it Loud.
c. Monitor's tweeters center MUST be positioned at DJ's ear
level (approx 64-68 inches high)
d. No JBL monitors.

(3) One (1) Fully operational/funtional Pioneer DJM 600 or 500 series mixer (no substitutions are acceptable).

(4) One (1) Pioneer CDJ 1000 CD Player.

(5) One (1) Pioneer EFX 500 Effect Unit.

(6) One (1) Chair or table positioned close to dj setup for
records to be placed on

(7) One (1) High Powered Fan Positioned to face DJ.

(8) Two (2) - lights, one for turntables, one for records.

(9) ABSOLUTELY NO Fast Fold leg tables or Tripod Screens…if screens are used, Screens MUST be Stretched and Flown.

(10) Must adhere strictly to the Technical Specifications attached.

Billing: Artist is to appear as listed below and in no other manner unless otherwise agreed:

Dj SO and SO www.so-and-so.ca

11. If Artist is not met at the airport within 10 minutes, he will take a taxi at your expense. Please meet Artist in a vehicle with enough space for 6 suitcases and up to 4 passengers. The return to the airport needs to be a mutually agreed time or you must pay for a taxi - no exceptions. If the hotel and/or the venue are further than 15 minutes away you must pay for and provide roundtrip car service - no exceptions.

12. Promoter agrees that the performance shall not be recorded, photographed,filmed and/or video taped and used for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limiting to promotion, trade, advertising, or commercial use without prior written consent from Artist - UNDER PENALTY OF LAW.

13. You are responsible for the DJ’s safety and property whilst in your event. A security guard must be appointed to the Artist for the duration of stay inside the venue and surrounding area. You must provide a safe and clear dj booth. No one apart from the DJ and his guests should be in the booth/on stage. Security MUST BE present at all times to maintain a clear area and protect the DJ’s personal property.

14. Payment at the hotel prior to performance is ideal, but if that is not possible, Artist must be paid upon entry into the venue in cash. No checks are accepted. ARTIST WILL NOT PERFORM BEFORE GETTING PAID SO DO NOT BOTHER TO ASK.

15. You are required to pay for one hot meal on the night of engagement. It is at the artist’s discretion to go out to an arranged dinner or take the money for room service.

16. Artists requires a 5 star hotel room: Room must have the following:
A. King size bed
B. Mini bar
C. 24 hour room service/ late night room service.
D. Must be non-smoking
E. Additionally, Promoter must request a quiet room(I.e. not located near elevators, ice machines etc…)
F. Where necessary, a late check out will be arranged and pre-paid. Confirmation of hotel reservation and prepayment, including room service credit should be faxed to Artist one week prior to the event.
G. In the event that inclement weather or disruptions to airline services are experienced, Promoter agrees to pay for Artists accommodation’s until such time that normal service resumes or alternative flights can be arranged.
H. The hotel that needs to be the one specified in the contract- any other hotel is NOT ACCEPTABLE. It is recommended that you book the hotel as soon as you receive this to insure the specified hotel is still available.

17. Artists requires the following in the dj booth :

*************if any of the above is not complied with Artist reserves the right not to perform and deems any contractual obligation’s of the Artist null and void. This document serves as an extension of the booking contract.****************

*Be advised that if we do not receive a written response from you or you representatives within the next (7 ) business days, we will proceed in reliance on the terms contained in the attached agreement, with the presumption being that the contract, regardless of whether it is executed by you, accurately memorializes the oral agreement made by and between the parties and is fully enforceable. *

that's all dj KWE...

Good LUCK....

La Frez