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Dj Broke - Funky Dub Revolutions (house mix w/ tracklisting)

Dj Broke

TRIBE Member
Sup peeps? I have posted here for a few years now and I wanted to share another mix for you all. This is a funky house mix I did back in 2003. There are several defected tracks because they were new to me at the time, but I am very happy with how this mix turned out.

Starts off with some laid back funky stuff, going into more of a disco/clubby vibe, and finishes up with some darker/tech stuff. This was the only mix I scratched on. (final track) Done with 2 technics, Vestax PCV275 & Pioneer CDJ800

Feedback is appriciated. Enjoy..... technics1200


My Site:

1. 6 Feet Under - In the Box {Woosh Meets Mayo Mix} (DiY34)2001?
2. Stranger Bay - NU 4 U EP {Interview Song} (Greyhound)2002?
3. Soul Rebels - The Revolution will not be televised {MikeMillrainClubMix} (Defected)2002
4. Inland Knights - Sound in Mind {Hole Soul} (Drop Music)2001
5. Rick Preston - Voodoo {Voodub} (Amfibius)2003?
6. Dj Gregory - Don't Know Malendro {Dim's Re Edit} (Defected?)2003?
7. Vibe Residents Feat. Dragonfly - The DJ's Calling (Stealth Records)2002
8. J.T. Donaldson - The Grabbag E.P. {The Get Down} (Dufflebag Recordings)2001
9. Niko Bellotto - Love for You {Dim's Special Edit}2002?
10. Dj Gregory - Attend 1 (Faya Combo)2002
11. J Groove's - Beginning to Believe {I'm a believer orig. mix} (Deep Vision Records)2003
12. Triangle Orchestra - Viewfinder (Seasons Recordings)2002
13. The French Connection - Brick Dub (White Label)2000?
14. Stranger Bay - NU 4 U EP {So Unnecessary} (Greyhound)2002? (DJBroke Scratching)

Thanks to DonC for all the great mixes. You got me interested in sharing my music again, so this threads for you! :cool:
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Dj Broke

TRIBE Member
If you right click the link and click save as, it works fine. Or if you go to my page you can get it there.
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Don C

TRIBE Member
Aw shit, just saw this now - thanks for the shout out bro! Will have a listen today, but your last mix posted on here was pretty tight so I'm sure this one is good too.

By the way, the link didn't work for me. I used the link to your site, and downloaded from there.

Don C

TRIBE Member
Nice job Ben! Great tracks, and well mixed. Has a nice deep spacey feel to it throughout (paging hallisz), but keeps the funk alive.

Keep on rocking bro!

Dj Broke

TRIBE Member
Thanks Don, I think the mix link works if you right click and save as, but if not, you can get it from my page.
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Dj Broke said:
if you right click and save as, but if not, you can get it from my page.

i know you keep saying this, but it really doesn't work.
not from my computer anyway, and by the sounds of it, not from most others' either.

i'll check the site anyway and give er a dl soon.

Dj Broke

TRIBE Member
ok, then. If u go to my page, your only 1 click away. sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

This was the only free hosting I could find at the moment or I would be sharing tons of mixes. If anyone wants to volunteer, hit me up.