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Diz @ Inside - Dec 19th


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nobody has posted a review yet so despite the strength of my buzz that night, I'll give it a go.

I'll need the pics and audio to confirm ;)

I arrived at like 11something to the sounds of Adam Marshall... didn't get to hear him too long but it was nice to hear some galloping techno... promptly decided I gotta get out to hear some techno soon.

Place filled it up really quickly... one minute it was empty, the next it was full.

Ali Black, Worm and Scace ripped it up... "Blam" DC remix was rocking. Scace dropped a trademark 6 record mini-set.

I liked the sound at Inside.. nice and big. Decor was nice too but Friday at Diz was all about the ladies....


I've talked to a few people and I dunno if it was because this was a Heebar party, high festival season or what, but I swear there were more girls in there than guys. They were rocking the dancefloor (and spliffs) really hard too... If you are a sniper, then Inside was the place for you on 12/19/2003!

By the time Diz hit the decks I was totally scoobied but I thought he really threw down. He was having a great time playing and it showed with both the quality of tunes and the length of time he stayed up there.

Word up to Heebar for throwing the party and my boy Willy for the scoobies/molly.
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