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Diz Diz Diz.. whoooot


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Diz was amazing......... Great peeps.... and had a sweet night.... absolutely amaing....... Tooo fcuked to know what im doing...
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nice meeting you dave!

Great night of music Diz was amazing. All over the house and briefly techno map. But I have to give set of the night to Hali! Really killer set.

Coat check girl was hot 2!


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erm... didn't they have a coatcheck guy??

Please note: it's really hard to follow Fingers Inc.

Mike Gleeson is so adorable. I enjoyed both opening sets, but I was REALLY excited for Diz to come on. like reEally excited where the vein in your forehead pops.

I was even happier when I saw my boys show up. Everytime I looked up I saw my Industry crew and it was SURREAL. Quote of the night, "I can't believe you called us 'older'." poor pookie.

Chicago. the house was happy, deep, got dirty, got clean again, got funky, and then we all got down like it was 1922. the kids were into it and i was blissed out from Fingers, nothing could've made me happier than another wicked house night.

Nice to meet Frosh, Dave - a pleasure as always... i'll buy you that drink eventually - you've always got one in hand already!! Roy, glad you came out!! I had a wicked time, was tuckered out by 3am (which was really 4am - don't forget the clocks moved forward! time is trippy.) - went home.

zzz zzz zzz
ouf! quelle fin de semaine!
Merci Footwork.
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Big Cheese

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i <3 robsoul

rolled in just as hali was finishing up his set. ordered my drink, sniffed out my usual spot and stayed put as the party pretty much came to me the entire night. other then going for a dart or to the little girls room, i stayed in one place and busted out for the entirety of diz's set. AND WHAT A SET. straight up n' down; a real pound 'em out deal. very impressed, well programed, great flow and he went chunky, bumpy, heard some great jazzy shit and as wiseman mentioned, a little bit of tech too. across the map to keep you guessing. liked that alot.

i forgot to ask if they carry export now because i thought i saw it in a review/pic thread, but, for those in the know please please please! can you guys stock some top shelf scotch @ your bar(s). i mean, jameson being the best whiskey you got is no offence, pretty sad. this is the only thing sticking for me and is all a boy can hope for. k thx bye

met some great people from start to end. i'll add once again, the crowd was the dealmaker. some awsome dancers up in there too. nice to get down with and share some rug cutting duties with people who didn't have their backs up about anything, friendly like what and just want to get down n' work it with like minded peeps. big up to everyone i met (and the person who got my coatcheck ticket :p) mos def see me @ Duriez on the 6th same bat time, same bat channel because this robsoul 'ish is where it's @

sentence and mikey thanx for the heads up b4 the jam. hey professor, what time did you book it outta there man? i was looking for ya but i guess you made a hard right turn and went straight home.


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Wasnt right busy mind, but the peeps that were here were the shit man.... Wiseman, great to meet you at the front, and soz for nearly nicking off with your lighter... And Maria, the pelasure is all mine, and i always have a drink in my hand doesnt mean i couldn't do with another ;), Big man G, sweet set dude, keep that shit rocking, Steph & Joel, Good fucking shit, see yo again on Sat night..... BettEc, great to see yo again and boogie on down, same time sat?? ;) Holy crap i just realised how many people i actually met there.. I could have sworn i was too much of a mess to meet people... OBVIOUSLY not...


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Diz was awesome! except he threw me when he played Plastikman near the beginning of his set....wha?! Overall, great night at Footwerk, lots of space to dance, the music kept me grooving all over the place, and I very much enjoyed celebrating birthday cheer for a awesome friend- happy b-day unkl!!!!:D
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Tried to get there earlier to catch Gleeson's set, but only caught the end of his set.

Hali seemed to be playing a heartier set than I am used to from him. Well done! You warmed up the dance floor and had people groovin'.

Diz was awesome to hear. First time checking him out and he was pretty good. Had me on the dance floor until my very end (Hungry and tired). I have to admit tho .. as an untrained music listener, I remember catching a couple distinct mistakes that he would make and it was coincidental that it was most times the girl beside him would distract him. LOL

Thanks for the good times Footwork.
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As usual a wicked night at footwork yet again. i wish it didn't clear out so early for those going to 99 Sud, but yet again that gave me a ridiculous amount of space to boogie.

Can't wait till the 6th!!!!


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Yup and less chance to knock peoples drinks... SORRY Spacebabe....I'll get ya a drink next time i see you!!!

sweetbabu said:
but yet again that gave me a ridiculous amount of space to boogie.

Don C

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Great party! Music was dope, lots of good people out, and as soon as I walked in the door I was greeted with drink tickets. Can't ask for much more than that!

Thanks AGAIN to Footwork for bringing djs like this to town. If anyone else was representing Chicago-style house music like this place then I would go there as well, but I don't see anyone doing it right now.


Glad to hear lots of people had a great time!

Diz's set will be up for download in the near future.
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I just read the review of this in NOW and it reminded me of what a good time was had on Saturday.

I showed up just after 12. Surprised not to see too many peeps there at that time.

Either way, I brought a bunch of friends with me. They had never been to Footwork before but alot of them called me this week to say what an amazing time they had (most of them have seen Diz before) and how wikked the club was.

More converts. Word.

I recognized a few people from pictures on this board. It's so weird when you see people you have seen in pictures in real life.


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Mike is awsome!

Lil'Timmy said:
Where you high or something? :p

Its True!!

Mike Gleeson IS adorable!! Hes so cute and nice! I think possibly You are the high one!