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District B13


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I absolutely loved this movie. Its gratutitous le parkour action and David Belle is fucking hot. If you get a chance see it on the big screen for the full effect.

Definitely buying this one!
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great visually, the plot was a bit silly and there were a few moments of gratuitous melodramatic cheese near the end - but all in all a good romp. I would have loved to see more running / chasing / fighting. The plot didn't really add anything to the movie ;)

Michael Drury

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Agreed lok and DeepSix,

Saw the premiere and loved it. Really didn't know what to expect but it worked for me. Definately not a movie for those looking for an Oscar winning story - it has more of that Kung Fu fighting movie type of script. The action is fawking awesome. A really great look into "parkour" pereformed by the worlds best. You will not be disappointed


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Okay, from now on in this thread, no one will comment about the paper thin plot or cheesy acting moments and instead focus on the glory that is David Belle's physique.


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Fucking awesome. You really have to suspend belief for alot of the tomfoolery that happens, although I get the feeling that theres a fair bit of plot that gets lost in translation over.

I downloaded the dvdrip tho, from what I've heard, the story gets changed alittle for the theatrical version.

Regardless, I wasnt expecting the most riveting plot, and was blown away by some of the incredible parkour displayed throughout the movie.

I think this is going to the new "Jackie Chan" type of movie. Wouldnt be suprised to see it catch on like wildfire.
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This was excellent through and through, moreso because it knows what it is - a knock off of Escape From New York with a Ong Bak like twist. It's pretty below what Luc Besson has written lately (and that's not a compliment) in the story department, but it illicits a very Rumble in the Bronx kind of wild excitement that has been missing from Jackie Chan's more recent films.

I wish I was younger. I'd totally love doing parkour.