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Here's a link to a podcast of our radio show in Edmonton called Catch The Beat from last Saturday. It featured the new "Common Edit" release, the new "Red Motorbike" (Eddie C's 7" edit label), a new label called Honey Disco from Victoria, and also a few tracks from the notorious label "7 Inches of Love" thrown in for good measure. Tons of edits of the disco/funk/soul nature for your listening pleasure. I hope you enjoy!

CatchTheBeat - Common Edit Pre Party Show! 3/10/2012 | Mixcloud - Re-think radio


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Dan Hartman “Vertigo” EDIT
DD Sound “Cafe” EDIT
Sea Cruise “You Could Have Been A Dancer” EDIT
Renata Barnes & Company “Dance Express” EDIT
Gary’s Gang “Do It At The Disco” EDIT
Saturday Night Band “Come On Dance, Dance” EDIT
Carrie Lucas “Keep Smilin” EDIT
Munich Machine “Get On The Funk Train” EDIT
District Of Columbia “Hail To The Teeth” EDIT
Manu Dibango “Sun Explosion” EDIT
Bar Kays “Holy Ghost” EDIT

Some edits from the last 10 years of Heavy Rotation CKUT 90.3 FM Montreal.

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Deep n Dirty Disco Grooooove

have a peep , wont you? :cool:



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New here. I run a disco-focused music blog called 647 broadway. We're working on a fully-functional website, but in the meantime can be found on Facebook where we post daily:

647broadway | Facebook

We post new nudisco/disco/slomo/funk with an emphasis on Canadian producers and DJs when possible. We also promote local disco parties in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.

Looking forward to the discussion!

Jacques Renault - Machines (OTP Party Breaks #6) - YouTube

El Dizzo

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faster than slow, Disco!


made chops to make this mostly ch33se free ..


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I'm Looking for vinyl DJs who have post-disco/pre house/high-nrg beat/ paradise garage sounds

Anybody know anybody? Got asked to start a Funk monthly, and trying to find a stable of old farts that may have hung on to those records...


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this afternoon's soundtrack



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Cool! Didn't know that. Someone should pull something off there (providing it's actually financially feasible). I'm thinking Dmitri from Paris or something would go off. Maybe someone like Lindstrom.


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((( http://www.discobreak.com/Rotation/DiscoMegamixes.mp3 )))

Bits & Pieces II “80′s Medley” (Energy)
Special Disco Mix “Panther Mix” (Light Express)
Jossy Lee “Star Of The Eighties” (DL)
Disco Mix “Fusion” (12)
Ben & Benny “Disco Experience” (Hollywood Disco Sound)
MFSB “Love Is The Message” Special Disco Mix (One Way)
Jossy Wilro “Flashback Of A Genius” (Sauvage)


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this is a Norm Talley mix from the late 80s. disco funk soul


he's booked to play a loft party in a few weeks. not that i expect him to play disco. but i'm pretty pumped to hear him. deeetroit!