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DISCO DDDDDDDDDDDD....... what!?!?!

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
is he still producing and DJing the same brand of ghetto tech that he was playing about 5 years ago?
i haven't heard his stuff in a long time but i used to be a big fan.
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Im definately in for this one.....havent missed Disco D in T-dot yet. Dunno if my body can take all the abuse Imma put it thru in this upcoming week....we shall see....good thing this is the nite Im kickin it off...

The Ninjaah


Well-Known TRIBEr
Despite the obvious misstep of producing Kevin Federline's record, Disco D is the shit!


Anyone have a link to the flyer or any more info?
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He's actually done a bunch of other stuff including tracks on 50 cent's last album and Nina Sky-he's doing amazing-but as far as I know when he DJ's he still plays a lot of his old stuff-although I could be wrong.

Anyway it will be good to see him!

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i think Footwork should set up a dormitory - housing from Thursday to Sunday. FUCK! i shouldn't go out tonight!!
:0 :rolleyes: ... shouldn't never works with me though.
Booty Bits - i hears ya: dammit!
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