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DISCO D. - Ghetto Tech sensation


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I know Alex may remove this cause it advertises a party not bearing the Tribe logo but these guys are "real" and "underground" and they have DISCO D. playing. If you like ghetto tech and booty house you should really check it out.
It's going to be in a lofty warehouse afterhours space some of you might know of on Adelaide. It's a bit of a mix crowd .....Older ravers turned house clubbers meets new school dancers and booty shakers.


Alex, please don't delete this....if it's any consolation they don't have ANY logo's on their flyer....
They do like you though..


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disco D is dope, but have some respect, and put a tribe logo dude....

mucho propos to ENGINE>.



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Honestly, if it ws my party there wuold be a Tribe logo but I know these guys and they don't really know about Tribeboard or anything...I'm sure next time they will but I didn't want any of you guys to miss out on this....You see.....
Anyways, hope to see some house pumpers there..I'll be dressing up as Rufus The Funky Doggg....


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I'll try to make it out to this one...
I'll be in Ottawa on business from the Wed - > Friday.

Hopefully make it back for this... Dave has skills..

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does anyone know when disco d is playing?

thats my bday and i have tons to do that night, but i would love to check out some of his set


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I plan on playing a disco techno / deep techno/house set at this party!

Should be an intresting jam- new venue- wicked collage of DJ's- booty shaking contests and hot tubs. hot damn

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The LOCATION for this event is

19 CHARLOTTE ST. ( across from turbo in the alley )

This venue is sweet and very "friendly". Hope to see lots of booty house nutta's out there.....