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[DISCLOSURE] rocked the house


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Live PA was spectular - crowd was perfect as it was just ticket holders. Bartenders were on par.

Only love and soul boomed through the speakers into the crowd as we all danced/swayed/groove together. We warmed up the place quite the bit. ;)

Well done guys.

See you for Joy Orbison in March.



Oh yeah as we roared for one more track - they told us they actually ran out of the tracks to play.

We had soooo much fun, started yelling obscenities - Disclosure loved us and we showed our love right back.

Impressive Bruuvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv.


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would love to see these guys play!

(on a side note, their track 'latch' is constantly on BBC Radio 1 these days -- at all times of the day)


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crowd was perfect as it was just ticket holders.

good thing mr. tunes was denied entry! wish i saw them but i also enjoyed waking up early the following day. they have great studio technique. really respect what they're doing. hope to get in next time


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Joy Orbinson will be coming back in February - won't be able to make it cause it's on the same night as my gig. YOU MUST GO.
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