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Dirtys help me im dumb thread

Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
ok ok, I have lots of real information now. so now you need to help me.

I have CODE 43 ERROR.

I have a
Intel(R) ICH8 family USB Universal Host controller-2831
Intel(R) ICH8 family USB Enhanced Host Controller -2836
both of those have little error/caution/'yellow triangle with a ! in it' sign on them.

I checked for driver updates on them, they both said it was up to date.
I tried disabling them both, plugged my thing in, didnt work
tried enabling them again, plugged it in, didnt work.

if I uninstall them is that bad? I dont really know what they do, so I dont want to take something off, and then discover my entire computer stops working.
Uninstall both, when you restart windows 7 (assuming you're using windows 7?) it will reinstall them.
ok im going to do this now lol. it better not fuck up my computer

Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
well i did it, and they still dont work, and it reinstalled the thingys but they still have the error icon thing on them :(


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Hi All....

I hate asking questions when I won't be around to respond, but I am having issues with my desktop. When I start it up, it is REALLY loud, and it seems to come from the fan. I took the cover off, and found that the fan was pretty clean. Strange thing is, it starts up really really loud, but then after 5 minutes or so, it goes back to normal.

Two things to note: 1. I had been doing renovations in the basement, so I had stored the desktop and not used it for about 3 months. (It wasn't dusty or anything, but it did sit for about three months without use)
2. The performance of the PC seems absolutely normal, other than the fact that it is WAY loud on startup.

I wouldn't care, other than to say I would worry if it is an indicator of an underlying issue.

Thanks, all!



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This may not be a huge issue - could simply be the bearings in the fan are degrading and the fan itself is just noisy now - One cheap way to get at this from that angle would be to look up the fan model # online, find its specs (voltage, RPM, size), replace it - and see if issue goes away.

Is this the fan on your CPU heatsink or is it a case fan?

Could conceivably be the GPU fan as well, which would be the most problematic to address given the fact they are often concealed under housing that voids your warranty if removed.... and are a bitch to be removed too!!

So first things first, take the case cover off and figure out which fan is making the noise, track down the specs, then report back here, IM me if I don't respond I am not always checking this thread...


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I need help,

My HD went in my HP laptop and I never made the back up recovery discs. I have a new HD in the laptop now but need to get Windows 7 back on. I don't have it, so I got the torrent and I have to burn to a disc. Problem is the file is too big to burn to a disc but the instructions say "burn to disc".

I can't put it into a USB key becase in the BIOS I only have two options to boot from and USB isn't one.

ANy suggestions on how to get a copy of Windows 7 onto my new HD?


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Yep, WUDT works nicely. I can confirm that may times over.

Used it lots until I started customizing with the automated install kit.

I would also maybe try a different usb port. Some ports don't get recognized until the OS starts (usb3 in particular, notable by the blueness of the port).

The only reason I suggest this is that the install from USB is MUCH faster. But work with what you can, of course. If usb is a non-option WUDT has worked for me on disks as well.


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Thanks everyone. Its all in the works now.

A bit tired today. I was trying to use a CD and not a DVD for crying out loud!

Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
oh good, well since this bumped up already ..................
can I get my hotmail back and get rid of this outlook garbage. fucking email wont even work right now. :mad:

Dirty Girl

TRIBE Member
I dont want gmail, i want my hotmail account.
and there is no way to get it back. what garbage man. I managed to switch it back for a minute and I was like OMG THIS IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER. but then I logged out and logged back in and now im stuck with the other one. its horrendous. I have sent my feedback telling them it fucking sucks.


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using daemon tools lite to install rosetta stone - there was definitely some sneaky installed toolbar fuckery gwan.


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Oh pure pwnage...I think imma watch that shit again tonight after I rebuild my desktop into its fancy new case.