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Dirtys help me im dumb thread


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If you have access to that thing, you can them get in via your web browser and change the password in the wireless section. Don't know how to do it? Call Bell.


Dirty Girl

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i have a netbook and a laptop now.
1. am I allowed to have both on my internet thing? do I have to do anything special for this to work?
2. I assume I need an anti-virus thing on the netbook too? whats a good free one to put on it?

Dirty Girl

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all of a sudden my work computer seems to be keeping me logged in on facebook/tribe.
used to be once I closed the window (aka: left the internet) it would just log me out.
once i reopened a window I would have to log in to the sites again.

now I can close the window and open it later and im still logged in.
the thought of that really scares me. i dont want peeps snooping in my shit once i go home.
How do I get it back the way it was?
yes I have unclicked the 'keep me logged in box' on the sites.
is there something I have to change in the internet explorer settings or something?


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Dirts, besides your cookies you should also clear your browser history and cache if you don't want people looking at where you've been. Regardless, if you work for a big company, your IT department may know already anyway.

Dirty Girl

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yeh I do that every so often.
but that doesnt solve the problem guys. I dont just want it gone at the end of the day, I want it gone everytime I exit the internet, and I wont always remember to "log out".
and I have usernames and shit stored for work sites, so I dont want that disappearing.
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Dirty Girl

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internet explorer. ummm I dont know. probably whatever the latest one is cause our computer guy just did some stuff to my computer and I think he updated it (i think thats when it started keeping me logged in actually)

Dirty Girl

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here you go, its on the first page of this thread...where it says HELP AGAIN.
there is a red wire thingy for the audio, that I plug in the microphone part.
and then there is a circle one (like in the pic raj posted) and then one end of that plugs into this other adaptor thingy and then into the vcr.
like i said mine goes thru the vcr, so i dont know if its the same for the tv.
hope this helps.

Dirty Girl

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I have external speakers that usually just plug into my usb port thing, and then the speakers on the laptop just automatically shut off, and it switches the external speakers.
its not doing that.
I plugged it in, and it made the noise the usually makes when its gonna switch, but then the light on the speakers went out, and it didnt switch over.
Ive plugged it in again and again, and now I cant even get it to do that.
how do i fix it?

Dirty Girl

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ok ok, I have lots of real information now. so now you need to help me.

I have CODE 43 ERROR.

I have a
Intel(R) ICH8 family USB Universal Host controller-2831
Intel(R) ICH8 family USB Enhanced Host Controller -2836
both of those have little error/caution/'yellow triangle with a ! in it' sign on them.

I checked for driver updates on them, they both said it was up to date.
I tried disabling them both, plugged my thing in, didnt work
tried enabling them again, plugged it in, didnt work.

if I uninstall them is that bad? I dont really know what they do, so I dont want to take something off, and then discover my entire computer stops working.