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Dirtyred -Electric Ballroom Promo Mix


TRIBE Member
Mix I did this week as a promo to be considered for some supporting gigs for a club night here in Dublin called Electric Ballroom.


You're No Good - About Group - (A Theo Parrish Translation)
Toby Tobias - Macasu (Motor City Drum Ensemble Loft Party Remix)
Triohu -
Inside Job - Beat Pharmacy
Belfast - M.O.S
Tumbling -
Sunder - Nautiluss
Bar A Thym - Kerri Chandler
For the Vey First Time - HNNY
Torque One - Robert Hood
Just An Edge Tool - Tobia Coffa
I Want That - Black Jazz Consortium
From Day 1 - Juergen Junker
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room