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diRty hOuse mUziK...weekly show


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This Week:2 Hours Of Barry Weaver (barryweaver.com, funky tekno tribe, San Diego USA) Live @ Footwork, Toronto, Canada July 22 2005

(so if you missed it. you can hear it now)
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This week
A 60 min mix by StretchandHooker
DigiFunk Vol#1
Artist- title- label
1) Paeng Pae -Zombie Nation - white
2) Body Rockers - Round n Round - (Switch Remix ) - promo
3) Tomas Andersson- washing up- B Pitch
4) T.Schumacher- Tiger-Spiel
5) Alex Gopher & Etienne de Crecy- Overnet- Super Discount
6) Sikk- My Washing Machine- Tiger
7) Jacques Lu Cont - Lose Control Missy Elliot- Atlantic
8) Heat it up-Spiel-Zeug
9) Mike Dunn- Majic Feet Remixs- DJAX Up Beats
10) Rock One, Body Shake -- low pressing
11) Dj Ali, Change--on Sugarcane
12) Hyper - The Hives Told You So- White

Click the link below
Muzik that is diRty
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This week, Stretch And Hooker Live From Beats Ahoy 2005, Toronto, Canada, September 15 2005

(Click the red X above there, the pic seems to have dissapeared)


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After a month off or vacation or helping orphaned children somewhere etc etc, S+H welcome The Low End Specialists, Live @ The Living Room, Honolulu, Hawaii, September 2005

(special thanks to mixxitup.com)



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This week Toronto's own Carlo Lio

1 RPO Unknown
2 Wady Culture
3 Patrick Zaigon Showtime
4 Cevin fisher Control
5 Boriqua Tribz Fuego (Marco Nastic Remix)
6 Unknown ????
7 50 Cent Get Shorty Remix
8 Jark Prongo Like Dis
9 LAX Don?t You Ever Stop
10 Unknown ????
11 Kobaya Unknown
12 Kobaya Unknown
13 Da Groovemakers The Trip
14 Marco Nastic Unknown
15 Unknown ????
16 Furrt Nippled Surrounds (Hertz Edit)
17 Unknown ????
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The new year rings in with Jeff Bennett (jeffbennett.info, Offside Records, Kung Fu Dub Records, Sweden)

Jeff Bennett is a Swedish music producer and a DJ, and has over 50 12" releases behind him + an album out now on the German based label Episode. His music would categorise as a blend of House, Detroit and Techno with a touch of dub & tribal. In two words it would be Dubby tech-house.

1 Jeff Bennett Salvation Plastic City
2 Igor O Vlasov River Raid CDR
3 Jeff Bennett Moonset CDR
4 Jeff Bennett Thrib CDR
5 Jose Nunez Billangual Subliminal
6 Jeff Bennett feat, Mc Leroy Forward Ever CDR
7 Jeff Bennett Emission Musical Journeys
8 The Flying Doctors We Make Contact (Oliver Lieb Remix) Kindred Sounds
9 Martinez Chord Ripper Out Of Orbit



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This week:

The Low End Specialists (NYC // Bedrock, Virgin, Yoshitoshi) Morhaus 3 Promo

1 Harry Peat Fatal Attraction
2 Chris Micali Change For A Thousand
3 Tiny Skitz Watchin' U
4 Martin H & Oliver Klein Club Game (Peter Bailey Remix)
5 Shuffle Progression feat. Diamond V Hope To Dance (DJ Cytric Remix)
6 Castelli & Perazzoli On The Road
7 Solid Fa‡ade Freak Out
8 Stef Vrolijk Dope
9 Casa Grande Mosquito Pollen
10 Tactik Chunky Monkey (Devilfish Remix)



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This week, Simon Jain (Nocturnal Magazine, Toronto, CAN)

1 Intro: Esthero We Are In Need Of A Music Revolution
2 Stardust Music Sounds Better With You (Chateau Flight Remix) Roule
3 Phunk Nouveaux feat. N. Ternes Someone Kickin;
4 Paul C Twisted (So Phat Remix) Peppermint Jam
5 Steve Lawler That Sound (Angello & Ingrosso Remix) Joia
6 Chris Udoh Angels Urban Tongue
7 The Big Unknown ???? ????
8 Disciples Of Sound Good Times (Distance Remix) Wallop
9 Shahl Adrenaline (Granite & Phunk Remix) ToolRoom
10 Cirez D Re-Match Mouseville
11 D-Nox You're A Star Baroque
12 Depeche Mode A Pain That I'm Used To (Jacques Le Cont Remix) WEA
13 Beckster Smack Snack Jackmoves
14 Sono A New Cage Pias
15 Jeff Bennett Acellerating Kung Fu Dub


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This week:

Paranoid Jack (Fifthsunrecords, paranoidjack.com) Live @ Alpheus, Rome, Italy, Jan 2005 PT 1

Layo And Bushwacka feat. Green Velvet Life To Live (Edit)
2 James Talk Get Down (Edit)
3 Laid feat. Yota Me (Zoo Brazil Mix)
4 Tyler Lewis Does This Make My Ass Look Fat
5 Dennis The Menace And Jerry Ropero Turn Around (Inst)
6 Deux Sun Rising Up (Dub)
7 Reza Rocks My Body (Inst)
8 Terry J El Moreno (Paranoid Jack Remix)
9 Sebastian Leger Electric
10 Pryda Aftermath (dub edit)
11 D Nox & Beckers Jet Lag Slave
12 Soul Central Need you Now (Deep Josh Remix)
13 Eric Smax S Punk
14 King Unique Flashing Lights (Dub Edit)
15 Mauro MBS Philosophy Of Dance (Cyberpunkers Remix)
16 Scratch Massive Girls On Top
17 Eyerer & Chopstick She Loves It (Edit)
18 Williams Picadilly Circuits

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To Continue from last week

Paranoid Jack - Live @ Club Alpheus, Rome, Italy 01.05.2006 Part II

1 Blendbrank Muscles (Paranoid Jack Remix)
2 Cirez D Teaser
3 Someone Else Picture Perfect (Adam Beyer Remix)
4 Hardflorr Soulful Spirit (Josh Wink Remix)
5 John Dahlback Zoovoices
6 DJ Nick And Danny Chatelain Is Killing Me (Edit)
7 Bone Idol Die Spionne
8 Eddie Theonicj Relese The Tension (Edit)
9 Eddie Richards Teaser
10 Paranoid Jack Acid Fixx
11 Fingers Inc Distant Planet (Matthew Roberts Remix)
12 Sucker DJ's Disco Bomb (Ben Macklin Dub)
13 Dan Sampson Summer Keys (Uppfade Remix)
14 William Scott Rhythm Slave
15 Freeform Five No More Conversations (Mylo Remix)
16 New Order Waiting For The Sirens Call (Planet Funk Remix)

PJ Part II


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This week, The Jive of Jeremy: Audio

Jeremy Jive (jeremyjive.com, Toronto, CAN) Audio

1 Sir Piers Don?t' You Love Me Curious
2 Chuck Love Something Right OM
3 Johan "Yogi" Willenberg Feelin' So High Neodisco
4 Jay J & Mark Grant feat. Latrice Barnett Love Is ????
5 Knee Deep Good For Da Hole (212th St) Specturm
6 Full Intention Can't Get Over You ????
7 Jamie Lewis Be Thankful (Dub Cut) Purple
8 Colette Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Chuck Love Remix) OM
9 Late Night Alummi Empty Streets (Kaskade Remix) Hed Kandi
10 Nathan G & Rudy Pres. Tuff Melli Stranger (DJ MFR Dub) ????
11 Jay J I Will Follow (Full Intention Dub) Defected
12 Petal Pusher Surrender (Migs Seduction Dub) Naked



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this week


Deepologists (Built In Britian, mixxitup.com, London, UK)

2003 was the year that saw the birth of the Deepologists, though David Ramsey and El (Lincoln) Prevost have actually been making music together for the last five years.

Tirelessly seeking new directions in sound manipulation, the Deepologists find themselves among a new breed of house music producers, discovering unusual sonic elements and radically altered drum patterns

It is this boundary-pushing creative approach which ensures that the Deepologists continually steer away from the well-established norms of house music production.



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this week:

DJ KEV (bassiconline.com, Calgary, AB CAN)

1 Benjamin Bates Whole (Steve Angello's Oversized Dub)
2 Tom Neville Buzz Junkie
3 DJ Filthy Rich Push It Harder
4 Sander Kleinenberg The Fruit (Tom Novy Mix)
5 Luke Chable & Bonicci Ride (King Unique Remix)
6 Arcade Mode You Love (Angello & Ingrosso BBQ Mix)
7 Dylan Rhymes Salty (Deepgroove Dirtyhouse Dub)
8 Eric Prydz Knockout
9 Paul Masterson Stars (Steve Murano Mix)
10 Joy Kitikonti Dirtysummer (Rock mix)
11 Voodoo & Serano This Is Entertainment (Club Edit)
12 Unknown Shake That Ass

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Because birthday boys deserve the props too

this week

Jeremy Jive: Spring

1 Halo & Side Street Players feat. Maya This Love (Instrumental) Citydeep
2 Chordury Music Fine Cognac Fine Cognac
3 Smitty & Davenpoer feat. Kandace Spend The Night Inspirit Music
4 J Boogie Rain Fall (Kaskade Remix) OM
5 Julius Papp Celebrate (Instrumental) Neodisco
6 Blue Six Music & Wine (Speakeasy 3000 Remix) Naked
7 Deep House Soldiers Changing Directions Coastline
8 Lisa Shaw Project Let It Ride (Speakeasy Remix) Naked
9 Morgan Page feat. Colette All I Need (Halo Varga Dub) Nordic Trax
10 DJ MFR & Matt Jepson With You ????
11 Joshua Heath You Wanna Dance Grab
12 Andy Caldwell The Waiting Game ????
13 Fish Go Deep How Do You Feel (David Duriez Mix) Elevation
14 Jay J & Kelvin K One Day (92 Dub) Multitracked



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this week

G-Fresh (myspace.com/davidspisic, Hamilton, ON, CAN) WTF Is A Weekday?!

1 That Shit Was… Mike Monday Rip
2 Down With It Olav Basoski Work
3 Bitches And Drum Machines Angel Alanis In Stereo
4 Get Down Mark Almaria Ammo
5 The Get Down Jay Walker/David Garcia Moonshine
6 Frisy Lil'Devil Genderfix Bugeyed
7 Keep Your Head Up HCCR Subliminal
8 Mind Games Spek Freks Bugeyed
9 Get On Up Chris Anderson Free
10 Choas Bringer Hatiras White
11 OverDose Chris Anderson Catalyst
12 Killing Me Ty Tek Dirty Blue
13 Passion Steve Murano Kontor



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This month

Andre Alexis (Toronto, CAN) (catch him at pride 2006 again, he's awesome!)

The Switch (King Unique Pushing Vocal Mix) Planet Funk Direction
2 Celebrate (Vocal Mix) Argus Arbol & Pep Bago House Works
3 Drum Le Freak Jody Verduyn Serotonin
4 Go Out And Get Fucked Up David Forbes & Mallorca Lee (Scanners) Debunk
5 Sureshot (Moonbotica Remix) Tomcraft Kosmo
6 Believe (Manteez Remix) Condition One Handwerk
7 Another World (Mashtronic Remix) Soniquw On Tomcraft Kosmo
8 Thrust 2 (Lee Coombs Remix) Oscar Goldman Thrust
9 Luv 2 Luv (David Morales Stereo Anthem) Suzanne Palmer Star 69
10 Alright (Brad Carter Remix) Red Carpet Positiva
11 Keep Control (Terry Lee Brown Jr's Vocal Mix) Sono Fuel
12 Come On (New York Mix) The Scumfrog Effin Music
Andre Alexis