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Dirty Brown World Tour

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by dlerium88, Feb 23, 2002.

  1. dlerium88

    dlerium88 TRIBE Member

    I happen to come upon this website announcing this tour.

    Orgue Electronique and Legowelt doing live PA's

    TLR & Schmerzlabor (DJ sets).

    I can't find any other information on this, except that it's supposed to be in Toronto on March 23rd..

    anybody know anything?
  2. Destro Sanchez

    Destro Sanchez TRIBE Member

    Here ya go...this might be what you're lookin for :)

    It's going to be a great show. Come up (noticed that you're from London...I might even know ya ;) )

    "A night of art and music featuring live electrofunk, dirty disco, and 80's influenced modern electronic music alongside artwork from a number of Toronto artists." <--includ. me-shameless plug ;)

    Dialectro presents:

    Bunker Records Dirty Brown World Tour

    The West-Coast Sound of Holland

    Featuring: Legowelt (LIVE) & Orgue Electronique (LIVE)
    DJs: TLR (Mr. Clavio) & Schmerzlabor (Unit Moebius)

    + the Electric Workers crew [Cryogenetic (Twilight 76), Drumatix (audio research), freakdrivr, axi-o-matic, and Chase23 (LIVE)],
    DJ Sabrina, and fillspace (LIVE ambient set)

    Featured alongside the music will be artwork depicting the "dirty brown world". The artwork will be in various styles and mediums including paintings, grafitti, photography, and industrial and digital design.

    Artists include Rob Eliott (Swizzle Gallery), Farida Bogosoff, David
    Brown, Terry Lau, Greg White, Jovan Matic, Matt Langdon and a number of others.

    Saturday March 23, 2002

    Zen Lounge (526 Queen St. W)
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    19+, Art reception @ 8pm
    Tickets: $15 in advance, $20 @ the door
    Tickets available in Toronto at: Metropolis Records, Rotate This, Play de Record

    Email: dirtydisko@dialectro.com for more info and to get tickets outside of Toronto


    Supported by: Electric Workers, electromuse, and FAR out IDeAs
  3. dlerium88

    dlerium88 TRIBE Member

    Sweet!! Thanks...I'm going to really try and make it out...if I can get down that weekend.
  4. ElektroTekBabe

    ElektroTekBabe TRIBE Member

    Sounds like an amazing party...I will be there for sure! Zen lounge is awesome, whenever I go there I have such a killer time! :)
  5. The Kid

    The Kid TRIBE Member

    NICE! Toronto needs more people like these guys! What a great jam!

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