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Direct Support of Homeless People


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What I would do, is go to the Muslim place right beside the bus station in downtown Kitchener. I wouldn't normally point out the religious bend of a place but this one deserves it because it affected the food that they sell.

Sometimes, I was drunk. The other times I was hungover. But each time I would walk into the buffet and order about 20 combos.

What is their combo you ask?

Well, it is a styrofoam container that can be filled with rice, vegetables, some ind of curry something, and chicken. The container costs $4.99.

If you buy 20 of these, you can negotiate a cheaper price of $4.50.

The next step, is to find homeless people who need a meal. You'd be surprised, this is actually the most difficult part of the process.

I am walking down King Street, eat arm carrying 10 very satisfying hot meals. I immediately find the first homeless people, but there only seems to be about 8 of them.

I break down, and start offering dinners to teenagers or other people who don't seem to need it. But all being said and done, someone get's a meal.

In the winter, I do it from a cab. Yeah I know that's lazy. But it's the same, about 8-10 people on the street who look like they need food, the rest to young people who should be doing better.

My psychiatrist called this unhealthy behaviour, and so I've stopped doing it. For now.

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