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Direct Beat Radio - Thursdays 8pm-10 : djshows.com


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Direct Beat Radio - Tune into the Direct Beat of techno with two of Toronto's fastest rising techno dj's. Curt Martin and Stewart Douglas have been rocking crowds all over Ontario with their eclectic blend of techno,techhouse and ghetto-tech sounds, filtering out the watered-down noise to bring the listener on a proper journey of techno music. Their slick sets and various mixes circulating throughout the province have garnered them accolades from the likes of heavyweght dj/producers Greg Gow,Kenny Glasgow, and hundreds of fans alike. So tune into Direct Beat on www.djshows.com to hear what all the hype is about.

[respect] Originating from www.beats.to , i promised the show must go on, and it has.... check it!!

where? : www.djshows.com

live link: http://djshows.com/channels/toronto.ram

when? : Thursdays 8pm -10 pm

who? : Stewart Douglas/ Curt Martin with special guests!

why? : the love - techno.

decsription: all things techno. ALL.

respects: Migzzz, Eric Lork/Hubert,Rian Torrance, dj guests and LISTENERS.


We will be broadcasting live and direct... no stops..no restarts... and yet drunken and humourous MIC'n , FULL OUT TECHNO.... and when the djshows studio is complete and ready to go and you wanna guest, feel free to hit me up... it'll be a bit or so....

(i remember the past guests who never did!)

always an archive with always a tracklist....


Direct Beat Radio

comments,shoutouts and requests or wanna hear your vocode on air, hit us @ directbeatradio@yahoo.com !!
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