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DIR-655 firmware 1.31


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There are quite a few Tribers with this router as I recall. New firmware was issued 04/28/09, with the following updates.

Firmware: 1.31
Date: 04/28/09

1. New SharePort support PC/Mac (Requires New Utility Installed on PC or Mac to work)
2. Add SecureSpot 2.0
3. Add Graphical authentication to log-in page.
4. Fix DHCP server issue.
5. Modify the turn from "Network USB" to "SharePort" in the option of "My USB Type is:"
6. Add Advanced DNS Service feature.
7. Remove the 3G from GUI
8. Fix LLTD wrong icon in Vista.
9. Fix reboot issue when connecting to Internet
10. Fix if set more than 8 Trigger or Firewall port in Application Rules, it will show warning message.
11. Fix bug: When QRS set wan type of rt to DHCP, the rt will not set Primary and second DNS.
12. This firmware can not be downgraded to previous versions.
13. Guest Zone disable SharePort support (USB spec v1.05)
14. Router time is not reset when factory reset.
15. Fix schedule end time error.

Note: This firmware does not allow downgrading to pre-1.3x. Please save your configuration file before the upgrade. After the upgrade, please reset to factory default, then upload the configuration file image.



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Thanks for the heads up, did the update earlier but haven't had a chance to check out the new features (if any). I did mess around with Shareport a bit from the previous firmware but never really found a use for it. I've actually got my eye on the DIR-825 (want the dual band wireless) but since my 655 has been rock solid I really have no immediate need to upgrade.


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re: SharePort

I am curious, can you attach a usb hub and have multiple usb devices?

Honestly, I'm not certain. I use it with a standard (non ip) multifunction printer/fax/scanner and have a wired and 3 wireless laptops that share access to it with no issues. Well - I was until I did the new firmware and Shareport stopped working.


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hmm things are working fine to be honest im just gonna leave it be.

THanks for the update though!


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I upgraded to the new firmware on Monday and all is well here. Better actually with sme of the streaming I do.

I don't use Shareport though.

-- Jay aka Fut


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Flashed yesterday. A2 over here, no Shareport. Solid as always.

Vise, I want the new one too! But the damn thing is so solid, I don't have a reason to get rid of it......... yet :p


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Yeah, unless some serious advantages to the upgrade arise, I'm going to leave my firmware as is. I've had zero issues with this thing.