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Dimitri in Toronto......

Big Cheese

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Opening set was good, nice warm up

who and where else would rip 'Girls just wanna have fun' then drop 'bring it back' @ the end??

Apparently they do this in paris, no? But tonight revival did the trick, wikked bar staff, friendly security and fast service all around, more people ought to be having their jams there, place has got so much potential........

it also has the potential to fill up some empty space with a few industrial size fans, there wasn't much air circulating there, but as per usual the crew managed

wow, positive attitudes, friendly people, kewl as fuck tribers made the night seem timeless for me, i *heart* every min of it

if you had the shitty luck of going close to me @ anytime during the night, i hope i didn't sweat you to death, i was so gross.. sowwy :eek:

but then again you don't smell like god damn roses after dancing pretty much non stop for 4 hours :D

hope everyone enjoyed the passes *waves @ olga*, nice to meet norm finally and watch him go out ta giv'er, when people bust out i love seeing that shit, and nicky pops out of left field, noice surprise fo shizzy

thanx to the wonderful hosts for the pre-party

thanx to aly and steve for fighting the good fight and scolding me when i tried to take a break from cuttin some rug

one of the best weekends i have had in a really long while and it's really, all thanx to the TBK

fuck i stink, fuck i missed 4:20, fuck i haven't slept in almost 45 hours......

my dimitri from paris cd will be nice backround music for when i fall flat on my face and stop breathing in oh about as soon as i get to the bedroom..

g'night :^)



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Meant to go, but at last minute, I just lost all the interest in going out.
He's awesome and I hope he put out a nice set last night.


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Killer party, amazing music, tonnes of beautiful people and I love Revival as a venue.

Rolled up in the spot with AlyG about 12:30a, thanks to our sweet passes the small lineup and cover were a non-issue. Walked in the door to sounds of "Girls just wanna have fun" and was blasted by the heat of packed house. After a quick stop at the bar we made our way upfront to find the Big Cheese and start groovin to the funky ass beatz that replaced Cyndi Lauper right asway. Found out we got there just as Dimitri was kicking things off and didn't miss anything. The tunes were juicy, funky, bass heavy and happy, the kind that get your feet moving while you close your eyes and let the melodies take you away. There wasn't much room to move until the drinkers cleared out about 2:30, then there was still a big crowd but enough room to dance. Dimitri enjoyed teasing the crd, playing every aspect of the track but the bassline, then bringing that in for 2-3 seconds and cutting it again, felt like the crowd was going to rush the stage to get those beats then he'd let it drop and everyone went off, dancing, smiling, cheering...good, good stuff. Saw Dimitri once before at the Kool haus and had one of my top ten nights, this one has been added to that list as well. He stayed away from the cheezy disco that he likes to put on his album and just came with tha french funk, the way we like it :D

He finished up with "Everyday People" by Arrested Development, great way to send everyone off with big smiles.

Kung Po Beef

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I hated this party. I though it was terrible.
I think Revival absolutely sucks as a venue.
The Gold Club dancers were completely out of place.
Too many grabby grabby men thinking the best way to get through the crowd was to grab ladies tits or ass.
Dimitri played a half assed set at best.
The best thing out of him was the last 40 mins of it
and then POOF it was over.

(I blame Dimitri's poor set on the venue.)

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