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Dimitri from Paris @ TIL


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Dimitri From Paris at TIL

Great music!
I was actually surprised to hear the range of tracks he was playing... very impressed! For the short while I was there, I couldn't stop dancing. The dance floor was packed too, so I'm sure most people felt the same way.

The place wasn't crowded and everyone looked good. My friend commented that there were a lot of hot girls there. I'm also sure that there was plenty of seating area around this time ;)

Very nice seeing everyone! I wish I had my camera so I could post incriminating pics of all of you. :p

P.S. Big Boss is cute!
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If there ever was a time in your life when you liked house music, you would have loved tonight. Dimitri played with a hard edge that caught me offguard but happily suprised (not that I don't dig the deeper stuff). I really couldn't stop dancing until the time we left -- I did have some help from the machine known as Dora. Ok I did stop, maybe once, but she really didn't! :D

Anyways, despite my own reservations about the club, I had a great time -- everything was smoothly run and with a smile. It was pretty packed on the dancefloor, but everyone was lovin' it and who could blame them. I don't go out to house events to often but I'm really glad I hit this up.

Happy Birthday Piero -- and thanks to the rest of the boisterous drunk crew for making it a great time! :)

See you tomorrow!


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he played mish mash feat. lois - speechless (king unique remix), as well as switch - a bit patchy.

Love those two tracks, and for the most part he had me groovin'...

The Watcher

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Couldn't stop dancin, had to escape or I'd dance till my legs fell off.

Loved it, too much fun! and a great cru to dance with.

Big Boss

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What a very diverse side of Dimitri! I've seen the guy at least ten times in a variety of cities, (Toronto, Miami, and Montreal) and this was honestly one of his better sets that I have ever heard.

It was such a great night on so many levels. I'll get into a more in depth review tommorow, but even my ignorant friends who only like progressive and tribal house enjoyed the night.

PS marcinm is a douche for comparing Lawler to Dimitri in the roll call thread. The time you saw him (at Sunnyside) there was a huge problem with the sound system so that's why he couldn't mix properly.

You can't compare Dimitri to Lawler. Dim plays a lot of disco, disco house, French house, samba, etc. How can you compare that to progressive and electro? And why would you make that comparison without even researching what type of music Dim plays?

Dimitri's new cd, out on Defected is quite good. I wish Dimitri played his re-edit of Robin Beck's "Sweet Talk". I can't stop listening to it. Not a bad for a song that's 26 years old.
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Decent night out. Dmitri played a wide range of music, including some harder tracks which I was surprised to hear.

Nice to see lots of familiar faces out.

Mishlerish, stay the fuck away from me. You're too tall. :p


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sweet LORD what an amazing set! Disco.. Funk... House... oh LORD how fucking sweet was THAT set!
My feet still ache.. and i'll do it again.
There was some cute lookin girls out too... and easy ones at that


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Originally posted by Big Boss

PS marcinm is a douche for comparing Lawler to Dimitri in the roll call thread. The time you saw him (at Sunnyside) there was a huge problem with the sound system so that's why he couldn't mix properly.


regardless of the sound issues... their styles are NOTHING a like. Might as well have compared him to Kenny Ken :p


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Wow that was a nice night to have in the dead of winter.

Dimitri was good as usual but droping more of a range than he usually does as Big Boss says. The girls! The girls! Everywhere! And what a nice venue too: lots of wandering roombut not too much, great sound, huge dancefloor but not too big, cosy but not squishy. A good looking crowd with none of the muscle gino element or anklebiters. Did i mention the piles of hot women? Good to see a lot of fellow tribers in attendance (it has been too long). I will definitely be back to TIL.
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shit. I really wanted to go to this one. stupid working in the morning and no money anyway.

what's that I hear in the 6 days away distance...............

baaaaaaaad booooooooy.............................baaaaaaaaaad boooooooooooy.......

Im so giddy.


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Originally posted by alexd
I will definitely be back to TIL.

I know when I'm wrong, and I'll admit I was wrong about this place. I had it pegged as some shi shi-pretensious-snob factory, and it was not. I didn't get Studio 54'd at the door or anything like that, it was a pleasant experience getting in. All the staff were great, the music was bumpin', the people were bumpin'. I am happy I was wrong about This Is London Soho Fridays, and when another performer comes along that I'd like to see there, I will most definetly be back.

I do love the fact that I feel I've stepped into a hunting lodge when I get there.


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Originally posted by Lil'Timmy

I do love the fact that I feel I've stepped into a hunting lodge when I get there.

That is so the perfect description! Roaring fireplace, bookshelves, brick, wood, skibunnies dancing in the lodge....
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Originally posted by alexd
That is so the perfect description! Roaring fireplace, bookshelves, brick, wood, skibunnies dancing in the lodge....

I was was looking for someone to swap stories about the Harvard rowing team and it's fierce rivalry with Yale whilst sipping cherry served to me by a little frenchman named Pierre.

Instead I got Micheal Drury and women dressed in tight outfits...now that's some hunting lodge!

Michael Drury

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That was soooo much fun. Met so many new folks and had the best crew to roll with - thanks Toby and Nick for getting me home safely.

Again I feel like I've had the best work out ever after leaving TIL - shook my ass all night long. Great crowd :D

Thanks to all of my various dance partners over the course of the evening but the winner for best dance partner of the evening goes to "Soulster". You can cut my rug anytime :p

Until next time,


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^^ *takes bow, attempting to look modest*

Wow, great night!

First, there were some really *quality* people out. I was glad to share the floor with the people that came out to this event. :) Pretention was minimal, crowd was easy going and just there to have a good time. And of course it's always great to meet and remeet tribers. alexd it was good to meet you finally!

Second, I love how different Dmitri's set was. I love the fact that he did it a little harder than he's known to, but still managed to keep his distinct sound. He played about 20 minutes of pure classic funk right at the end of the night and everybody was lovin it (especially me!).

~ Jess


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wow, that was such a good night! I had a gas. jelo was amazing, I did the mashed potato to some sick beats.

- hot b-rods
- looong lineups
- washroom shenanigans
- meeting ravinjunkie, michlerish, vinylrach, good to put a face to the names.

it was great seeing Cri, the Watcher, lil timmy holding up it down up front, vinder was out of control.

I think Dimitri stole my coat. Definitely the set of the year, I'm exhausted.

ps. vinylrach, I promise I won't post those pics, wink!
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Prickly Pete

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Got there around 11. Minor issues with gueslist (girl at door said we were getting for $15 girl we paid said forget and made us pay $20 - Oh well).

We got in the club pretty quickly and coat was breeze. A general comment about dress code. The only I heard the bouncer say was no white runners. And inside people were waring a wide variety to clothing. I don't think I will be concerned about getting denied entry.

As said before, TONS of good looking women out.

As for the sets, Felix and Gani warmed things up very nicely. Really enjoyed there set and it had me dancing the whole time.

And as said many times, Dmitri was playing a lot harder than I expedted. It was awesome. I had so much fun dancing to him. Started off his set with "Love on my mine".

Around 3:30 my body gave and we had to leave.

Overall I would say it was an awesome night and will for sure be going back (Bad Boy Bill next weekend!)

I think this night will be successfull if they keep bringing in the talent.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for drinks before. I now how to clean up your mess bitches.
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