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Dimitri From Paris - March 12th/04


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March 12th at Revival

I have yet to see him so I am pretty excited to know he is coming again.


what's Revival like though? I don't think I have been there before.
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Originally posted by JAR
OH FUCK!!! Wait til I tell LuLu!!!

Saw him in Miami last year, and I would say that he played some of the best music I have ever heard...EVAR. I was sober and everything, but the beats were incredible.

Expect Revival to be really hot and crowded, so dress accordingly.
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miss riot

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Haven't seen him since April 2001,

will try to definately make it out.

A Night at the Playboy Mansion is still one of my favorite discs to chill to at the crib. ;)

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Big Cheese

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diggin 'fer choonz

i can't wait 'till next weekend

check out www.milkaudio.com

i was listening to his set from August and totally forgot he opened up with "Girls just wanna have fun", *lol* golden!

i'm twice as hyped for him after hearing this



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Yeah Gregorski, I was listening to that mix this past weekend...dope way to open a set!

I can't wait to see what he pulls out on Friday.



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okay so honestly I *just* found the info for this party online. yarg.


So can't wait.
I can't believe I don't even have my ticket yet.