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Dilated Peoples Live


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live on stage

EMI/Capitol recording artists


with special guests
M.C. Supernatural
Oddible Oddities & Mastermind

With the recent release of their latest album Expansion Team, L.A.-based
underground hip-hop kings Dilated Peoples, are set to break into the rap
stratosphere. MCs Evidence, Rakaa (Iriscience) and DJ Babu are about to
take it to the proverbial next level with production help from DJ Premier,
Da Beatminerz, The Alchemist, JuJu of The Beatnuts, Joey Chavez and
others. The new album has been receiving rave reviews, establishing Dilated
as the unofficial leaders of the L.A. hip-hop renaissance. After the stellar
showing of 2000's The Platform, Dilated has more than raised their bar on
the new album, says Rakaa "This album was recorded as a complete piece
so it will show more continuity and flow, it’s more concept-driven". "We’re still
the same machine, just more oiled". Guest vocalists on this album include
Black Thought of The Roots and fellow Cali natives, Tha Liks. Their live shows
have established Dilated a reputation for one of the best and most complete
hip-hop shows anywhere. DPs last two T.O. shows have both sold-out and left
many out of luck and outside, with an ear to the door. November 30th at The
Opera House promises to be no different - don't miss it.

Friday November 30th, 2001
@ The Opera House (735 Queen St. E)
Advance tickets are $24.50 and are available at
Play de Record, Ed's Record World, Rotate This, Shanti Baba
Vice, Ground Level and Vortex
Doors @ 9:00pm


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I won't be missing this one....their new album is da bomb!
They never disappoint...well, except for when they didn't show up at Warp tour last year :/

terrawrist III

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fucken right!

there for sure!!!

supernatural was off the hook at the J5 show at the reverb last year!

excited to see dilated for the first time(wow,i stink)
new album is exceptional and this should be one really great show!


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by terrawrist III:

supernatural was off the hook at the J5 show at the reverb last year!


Damn right he was! Best freestyle mc I've ever seen!

Can't wait! this show is going to be off the hook!!!

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