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digweed's kissfm show cancelled?

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I saw this in the Español forum in the g.u. board.

I guess so... since you are bring it up and those guys were talking about it in spanish too.

so you are not the first.

I hope not.. I hope it is a rumour.
There was a mention that it would come back in some other form on the MercuryServer website, but there hasn't been any mention since.

Hopefully it does come back, but there's no mention of it at the KISS FM website either.


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you can always relyon the g.u board.

Taken from Bedrock board...

Just letting you know that last weeks show was my last friday night show on kiss 100

I will be starting a new show in about 3 weeks time on Kiss 100
as soon as have the details I will let you all know

thanks for your support

John Digweed

As I had thought but I didn't want to say.. he is just moving on to a new show.


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I didn't realize how much I loved these shows until after he stopped them. I took for granted being able to grab the shows every week, hearing amazing tunes, and special sets.

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KISS in London is quite notorious for dropping shows without next to little notice or any at all. They've fucked over a lot of great DJs/shows in the past in their efforts to make everything poptastic.