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Digweed in Detroit!


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That pretty much sums up last nights experience. The only problem with the night is that Detroit has shitty laws and the club had to be closed at 2am...so Diggers only had 2 hours to work with.

Cusak layed down some sweet dark, twisted tribal beats that got the crowd going well. When Diggers went on the place exploded, and didn't stop until he was done. It's so refreshing to hear new tunes that are most likely months from offical release. He dropped "it began in africa!!!!" and the new remix of Heaven Scent was his closing song.

I can't remember the last time I danced so hard.

Amazing, flawless, truely inspiring.



I was supposed to go to that.
kinda glad it didn't now.

2 hours?? what the fuck is that about? He should have opened and closed the night.