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Digitalism @ Mod Club


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Although I had to leave early, this was the most fun I have had on a Wednesday in a long time. They engaged the crowd very well and put on a great show.

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the bad:
-a 55-minute set. :(
-no encore.

the good:
everything else! I sure got my fix of crunchy electro thanks to these two. dayum it was fun! was a bit surprised that they played Zdarlight after the halfway point instead of closing with it. that 'choon is better than 10 strips of bacon with a side of scrambled eggs.


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so sad... missed them here... and missed them in Montreal... the show there was 19+ and everything was done by 11:30pm

argh... on a saturday too...

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man i had an awesome time!

i danced hard, and enjoyed every track they played. the mod club was busy and people were out to party! those bartenders sure do know how to a make a double rye, because they felt like they were tripples! 2 of those and i have never seen myself so trashed! but good times good times!

digitalism looks so young! i was surprised!

but did anyone get the feeling the guy with the drumsticks wasn't doing anything more than pretending? haha! ah well! i didn't really care, i just really cared that i saw them and loved every minute of it! i am sad for those who wanted to go, and never made it out! you missed out!

shout outs to nick! [twitch] sorry about my drunkeness! lol! fun times man!


could someone tell me who was spinning before digitalism? i think i need to get out to more events like this because this was the funnest dancing good times i have had in this city YET! god i will follow around beats like this for life... sooo bassy! couldn't get enough!
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technowelt said:
I didn't have my glasses on, but I am pretty certain it was Mario J who opened up. He was great, as always.

He was A.W.E.S.O.M.E. It was 4am music at 10:30pm. I was LOVING It. I haven't been out in awhile and it made my night! YAY for dirty music early on in the night!