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Digital Cameras / Video


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Ok, there was a discussion about this some time ago... I'm hoping to buy a digital camera, or a digital camcorder.

Anyone here have any suggestions? It would be nice if it were a camcorder thingy that could also take stills. And... of course... as inexpensive as possible!

An inexpensive camera would do just as well. Something reliable.




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Originally posted by air-bag
how inexpensive?

what are you going to use it for?

what options do you need?

1: I guess an under 500 and an under 1000 option would be great... (ok, I know i'm pushing it)

2: Capturing this beautiful country so I can show friends back at home...

3: Decent resolution, simple connectivity to a PC (like... usb?), small, pocket size (although just about every camera is small, right?).

If you would like to suggest something that includes gigital video (I think I saw something from JVC that sorta did this), you'll be making my day.




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For under 1000 you won't get anything with standout quality. If its just for personal use you may not care so much. Panasonic's and Sony's are what i'd look at.. they have most of the usual features you'd need. Keep in mind that if you're capturing to a computer you're better to go with firewire and a video capture card with a FW port since USB won't cut it and you'll fuck even more with the quality of the video.

The Sony's come with 4MB (standard) memory sticks that you can store stills on.. but again.. video camcorders shouldn't realy be used for stills. Quality issues.
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I sorta ruled out firewire because my pc is a laptop, and it doesn't have firewire. And I only need decent quality anyway...

But, apparently, I wasn't crazy. Digital video cameras that shoot stills exist? wow.