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Digital Agency vs Traditional Agency


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Hey gang anyone here have any experience working at both? I am curious what were the biggest differences you noticed in how the teams were staffed and run. Did the pm's play a bigger or different role, were they tasked with being more relationship managers at the traditional agency vs managing tactical deliveries at the Digital? What about the account leads and CD's or any other roles that even tho they shared the same titles were quite different.
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Digital Agencies will have a dev shop, so as a PM you will need to manage Creative, UX, Dev and the AM. Often what UX/Creative/AMs want the dev team can't deliver. You'll also have to worry about analytics and reporting teams. Alot to juggle.


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I work/have worked at both. About 5 years ago there was a difference. Now, all marketing/ad agencies need to be fully proficient in all aspects of digital marketing. However, many still are not, and so hire contractors frequently for more technical jobs they may not have the internal talent for.

Regarding PM's, PM's should be proficient in all, but many still specialize in print or tv/broadcast only, and of course digital. A digital pm would be required for a highly complex enterprise website or maybe for a somewhat complicated app as an example.

CD's, AD's, at this point in their careers had better have digital experience. Full stop. In some cases the hires or staffing of client business may be maybe slightly heavier in one aspect of their digital proficiency based on the client if say it's a company that is highly reliant on digital platforms for their core business---ex. Amazon versus Coca Cola.

Hope that helps?