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Dig Dug and Slylent Syd @ Purple Room

case sensitive

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What an incredible evening. From the humble beings of the promoter, the DJ and myself at alone in the room at 10:30 to the full on crowd of house heads at 11:15 this evening had delightful surprizes every step of the way.

Dig Dug opened the evening to a progressively larger crowd and brought a nice variety of house music to the table including some progressive, some tribal and some deeper track selections. Extra points for dropping a Faithless tune in the mix!

Then it was on to the headliner who cannot disappoint, the incrediblely talented and bold Slylent Syd. I must saw Ryan really turned his set up a notch tonight. The house, breaks and techno anthems were at a premium and he had the crowd eating out of his hands while rocked up and down, devastating the dancefloor. Simply incredible and the most excited I've seen a DJ to be behind the decks this year!

On a personal level, I get news that I will be making my DJ debut in the Purple Room on the 26th which was a little overwhelming actually. Also it was nice to see both regulars in the Purple Room and some friends from school and work out and about in the Main Room. Great times all around!

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