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Dieselboy - Project Human


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I have to say it... the album from this Yank is great.

And you have to love that intro on the first CD. I was at HMV over at Mayfair Mall in Victoria when they started to play it and I got hooked.

I've heard the hype and now I'm sold. If only the local-yokel promoters over in my neck of wood could get him over.

Yes Virginia... there are junglists on Vancouver Island!

Any comments?

Respect Everywhere! :cool:
my comment (and it's blunt yet honest) is that the intro is quite gay. perhaps that was intentional?? The rest is okay, but not really my style. i could cut a rug to it in the dancehall for a wee bit, but i think i would be getting tired of the two step tyranny after a short bit.
^^^haha, yeah, they ripped DSL a new asshole on DOA for the intro........but thats nothing new

love the disc though, my cuppa tea
he's the shit!

AND yes I think it was intentionally "gay"...well not gay, but just the intro with the movie dude voiceover is so cliche that it works wonderfully...he intended it im sure because his mixes tell a particular story in a way so the intro added to great effect the details of his mixes
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