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Dieselboy - Project HUMAN


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Mixes in trancy stuff, hip hop, hard, atmospheric... everything in one package!

loving it!!


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   ±³                         01_-_Genesis.mp3                        ³±
   ±³                        02_-_Shapecharge.mp3                     ³±                
   ±³           03_-_Subculture_(dieselboy_+_kaos_vip).mp3            ³±
   ±³     04_-_Something_for_the_dancefloor_(underfire_remix).mp3     ³±
   ±³        05_-_You_must_follow_(dieselboy_+_kaos_remix).mp3        ³±
   ±³            06_-_Altitude_(fierce_+_ryme_tyme_vip).mp3           ³±
   ±³         07_-_California_Curse_(technical_itch_remix).mp3        ³±
   ±³              08_-_Carjacker_(ram_trilogy_remix).mp3             ³±
   ±³      09_-_Harder_and_faster_(weapon_vs._e-sassin_remix).mp3     ³±
   ±³			             10_-_Hostile.mp3                       ³±
   ±³			     11_-_Stalker_(danny_c_remix).mp3               ³±
   ±³			       12_-_The_shadow_(hive_vip).mp3               ³±
   ±³			   13_-_Soundwall_(dom_&_roland_vip).mp3            ³±
   ±³			     14_-_Quadrant_6_(e-sassin_vip).mp3             ³±
   ±³		               15_-_Terminal_Velocity.mp3                 ³±
   ±³				16_-_Reborn_(weapon_remix).mp3                ³±
   ±³				       17_-_Mindgames.mp3                     ³±
   ±³					18_-_Revelations.mp3                    ³±
   ±³											    ³±


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Definitely one of the best Drum and Bass CD's out there.
Hasn't left my CD player since I got it.


Nebu kad

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this seems to be getting good reviews. but i am skeptical....it's hard shit after all. gonna give it a listen still.


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Hmm... as someone who appreciates the harder side of dnb, I've gotta say I only partially enjoyed this mix. Alot of the tunes, although exclusive remixes, sound like pure filler to me. I'd say tunes 11-16 on the mix are the best ones on there... the Hive remix of The Shadow is hard as fuck, its massive on a loud system (heard it quite a few times at WMC). And the Universal Project remix of Danny Breaks on disc 2 is pretty damn sweet too. But overall its only so-so...

My 2 cents.


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Originally posted by Vise
Universal Project remix of Danny Breaks on disc 2 is pretty damn sweet

yeah for real.. excellent track

out of CD2 i'm also liking stratus - you must follow

terrawrist III

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This mix is good.

some of the tracks are very uneasy at first, not a huge fan of the yles of beyond track and some of the more trancy shit, but his selection is top notch on this mix...yeah the later tracks are insane, crazy drop after another.The best part on the mix is easily the intro and outro...it's action packed!

better than the 611 mix, but that's it for me....all of his other studio mixes are second to none as far as selection and mixing...this will definetly need a few more listens.