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didja know? tribe edition!


TRIBE Member
trivia is awesome. yes it is!!!

this is a thread for you to post a fact about you or another triber.

I'll start off.... (this is going to be fun, tee hee)

didja know... that I'm actually descended from a famous pirate named Hennig Wichmann.

didja know... that Booty Bits shares the same last name as Mel Brooks (but it isn't Brooks)?

didja know... that Mofo's last name was spelled wrong by whitey so he's really not a fong at all?

didja know... that mingster is not really asian?

facts can be fun and useful! come on everybody, join in!

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Booty Bits

TRIBE Member
LOL! Chris, i honestly had no idea that Mel Brooks and I had the same last name. that is pretty awesome!
thanks for the trivia.