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did that weekend just happen?


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I remember leaving work Friday afternoon, and being all psyched for the weekend and all that goodness.....and now it's Monday seemingly in teh blinnk of an eye.

What happen?

Would the science geeks and physics nerds of the world PLEASE hurry the fuck up with the invention of the time machine? I've saved up a down payment, and will scrape to make the monthlies. Just hook me up, it seems like I'm spending WAY too much time here.
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Seriously, where did it go?

As I was laying on the couch last night, feeling the 9 pm Sunday Syndrome panic, I told my friend that this past weekend seemed like the shortest one ever.


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I was asking myself the same thing as I packed up for work this morning...

Something of a feat of science, how those hours and days just zip by...
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