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Did I miss the weekend thread?


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Thursday noon and no one is itching to talk about the weekend?!

Is it because all of the partiers are in miami?
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Tonight: quality time with my daughter.
Friday: Dinner & a movie date
Saturday: Friend's Birthday then Romboy/Footwork/Speedball
Sunday: Organize my pad


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Tonight: gym, home to watch the game.
Friday: trying to get people to go out for some pints
Saturday: work, trying to get people to go out again!
Sunday: starting to collect bits and pieces for my balcony garden
Monday: domestic administration


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tonight: sing in a master class with Heather Meyer
Friday: rehearsal for Beethoven's 9th
Saturday: perform Beethoven's 9th
Sunday: Lecture on Beethoven piano sonatas

so pretty much just a whole lot of Beethoven. woop :)
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Friday: drink w/ friend, Game Night

Sat: skating (hopefully), maybe a movie, or maybe Speedball (im trying to be good)

Sun: maxin' and relaxin'


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fri: watch some dvds and possibly go for a late night dancing mission at Suzy Wong.

sat: wait for my ayi to come over and clean the house. maybe go buy a new pair of shoes.

sun: work all day. go to my friends place and cook dinner, smoke a couple bowls watch a movie.

exciting stuff!


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Hangin with some non tribe non clubby friends. Drinking wine and talking kinda people. I know............strange.


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Tonight: Volunteering at the CA tax clinic @ a mission downtown.

Friday: Cumstinkcheese date with sugar.

Saturday: Appointment with tailor to pick bridesmaid gowns. :D

Saturday pm: Visit my best girl, who will be home from wisconsin for the weekend. :)

Sunday: Get own tax shtuff together.
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Tonight: A post-work dinner date
Friday: Drive to London and hang with my brother
Saturday: Ill in the Forest City and then DJ at 'Process This' 'longside Czech
Sunday: Recover and try not to crash on the 401


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Tonight - Pack

Friday - MIAMI

Saturday - MIAMI

Sunday - MIAMI

Monday - MIAMI

Tuesday - MIAMI

Wednesday - MIAMI

Thursday - MIAMI

Friday - Roger Sanchez @ This is London

Saturday - Gallery

Sunday - REST

It's going to be a LONG weekend for me! :D


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Moez said:
tonight: sing in a master class with Heather Meyer
Friday: rehearsal for Beethoven's 9th
Saturday: perform Beethoven's 9th
Sunday: Lecture on Beethoven piano sonatas

so pretty much just a whole lot of Beethoven. woop :)

that's pretty rad kid


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friday ~ basketball, tandoori & pre-drinks at my place then off to the docks to bounce off the walls to mr andy c
saturday & sunday ~ in guelph spending every second with the loveliest man in the universe :)
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Friday - running around to do, go to parents for the night

Sat - have friend pick me up from parents, go to his new place, go to Jack and Jill, go back to friends place and smoke big bowls.

Sun - get cat cage and take kitty to vet to be spayed.


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Tonight - meet friend's new boyfriend from England and get tanked.
friday - start moving into new place, pick up new rabbit named Bongo.
saturday - moving, then Guv I suppose with english dude and friend.
sunday - "Venue"


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Zero plans and hoping to keep it that way. The last few weekends have been pretty insane so its time for a break. Plus I have to be well rested for Roger Sanchez.

Fri/Sat/Sun - hoping to hit the driving range


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Friday - nothing so far, maybe some drugs and a lot of drinking? I'd like to go to Tranner's keggar if my fucking fiance would get it together, grouches!

Saturday - some lesbian rural-themed bonanza.. What is it with dykes and things that involve farm animals?

Sunday - not talk to anyone


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Tonight: bleh
Tomorrow: bleh
Sat: friends bday bbq-boozing-goodness
Sun: bleh
Monday->next thursday: bleh
friday: bleh
Sat: sleeparchive! woo, mind you., thats not this weekend, I just got stuck in a timewarp.

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Friday: Eat cheese, drink wine, smoke ourselves silly with Poot...try not to pass out by 10pm
Saturday: Get my hair cut (finally!), then dinner at a friend's, then go to see friend's brother spin at some lounge on College St
Sunday: Tea and shopping with maman


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Friday - yoga then nothing
Saturday - class, personal training appt, errands, disco nap then tempo and possibly footwork in the PM
Sunday - max chillaxin and some schoolwork


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I think I'm going to work all weekend, and I'm not even pissed about this. Gotta rest up for the juggernaut with the swiss miss.
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